Accidental or Stolen Kiss – Common Shoujo Manga Tropes

Writing the last trope post was a lot of fun so I thought I’d try anther one. Here’s a trope you see in a lot of shoujo manga – a stolen or accidental kiss.

Stolen Kiss - Itazura na Kiss (Graduation Party)

Stolen Kiss – Itazura na Kiss (Graduation Party)

This is a very common trope and it has several variations. Most of the stolen kisses require some sort of sudden force. Others might be an element of surprise. There are the ones done in secret while the dear one is sleeping. Then there’s the ones done out of negative intent – with jealousy or anger behind them. But no matter the reason, you’re sure to come across a stolen kiss in almost any shoujo manga.

Of course accidental kisses are just that, an accident. Sometimes it’s the beginning of a relationship. Other times that accidental kiss can cause problems for people who already have a significant other. And sometimes it’s just the mangaka teasing the readers because the audience wants the protagonists to kiss so badly.

Accidental Kiss - Wallflower (Ping Pong Game)

Accidental Kiss – Wallflower (Ping Pong Game)

Whatever the reason, those unexpected kisses do happen and I thought it’d be fun to collect some here and let you figure out where they come from. Can you name the series or the characters?


So how did you do? I thought some of the final ones might be a little tougher but wanted to challenge some of our Japanese readers as well. 🙂 Tell me which ones you recognize in the comments and I’ll post a key later on so you can check. Have fun!

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  • Late to the party:

    1, The art looks like that of Yoko Kamio, but I don’t think it’s Boys Over Flowers.
    2. My Little Monster
    3. Red River
    4. Marmalade Boy
    5.a fantasy series of Tanemura Arina, I’m not sure if it’s Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne or Time Stranger Kyoko
    6. Skip Beat!
    7. I don’t know
    8. Kamisama Kiss
    9. A series of Tsukuba Sakura, Sweet Rein (?)
    10. Sailor Moon
    11. A Devil and her Love song
    12. Yuu Watase’s series, Ceres (?)
    13. Degenki Daisy
    14. Ouran High Host Club
    15. Highschool debut
    16. Ao Haru Ride
    17. A series by Akane Ogura, Kanojo ni Naru Hi (?)
    18. Last Game

    • Mmm, it is Boys Over Flowers – Domyouji is wet. 🙂

      Tsukuba Sakura is right, but wrong series. 🙂

      Also Akane Ogura, but the sequel. 🙂

      • 3. Domyouji is wet – ah, so that’s why I don’t recognize him 🙂
        Then 9 is Land of the Blindfolded?


    Let’s see, 2 is My Little Monster, 3 is Red River, 5 is Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, 7 is DN Angel (man that’s a complicated stolen kiss), 8 is Kamisama Kiss appropriately enough, 10 is Sailor Moon, I feel like I recognize the art style for 12 and 14 but not the series (probably see other stuff by the manga-ka, 12 isn’t Ceres Celestial Legend right?), 16 is Blue Spring Ride. You are going to give us the answers next week so we can check out the rest right? 😛 (15, 17, and 18 FEEL familiar but I’m sure I haven’t read them, they just seem to be drawn in “current, popular shojo” style)

    • Yes, I’ll post the key soon. 🙂 oh, and you got 12 right!

  • OMG Last Game!!!! You need to do a review for that when it finally finishes. A lot of these sadly didn’t show up on my computer, but I was able to recognize all of them except 1, 11, 12, 17. Love how you talked about this trope. Were there any stolen or accidental kisses that you were excited for?

    • I totally loved the accidental kiss in Blue Spring Ride because both of the opposite love interests witness the event and it pushes Kou to make a move.

      My favorite stolen kisses are the ones that start off a series like DN Angel, Kamisama Kiss, Hana Kimi, or Red River. It’s a great way to get the love interest ignited.

      Oh, and my favorite comical forced/stolen kiss is High School Debut. Reserved Yoh kisses another boy all to make his girlfriend feel better. So funny. Love Kazune Kawahara!

      Haha! I was reading another series – Kanna to Decchi in Betsufure – and this accidental kiss happened.
      The cat jumps on the guy’s head and **chuu** accidental kiss.
      Kanna to Decch- Accidental Kiss

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