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AneLaLa is a shoujo manga magazine published by Hakusensha every even month. The target audience is an older female audience. So far no series from Ane LaLa have been licensed because it’s a fairly new publication.

So what might we ask to be licensed from Ane LaLa? Here’s what’s currently running:

Asa Made Matemasen

Asa Made Matemasen!

(I Can’t Wait Until Morning!)

Meca Tanaka

Suzuki Chronicle

Suzuki Chronicle

Ririko Tsujita

Koi Hitoyo

Koi Hitoyo

(Love Overnight)

Wataru Hibiki

Ai ga Chikyuu o Sokuu no da

Ai ga Chikyuu o Sokuu no da!

(Love Saves the Earth!)

Masami Morio

Koyamasou no Kiraware Mono - Returns

Koyamasou no Kiraware Mono ~ Returns

(Kiraware’s Small Mountain Cottage ~ Returns)

Yuki Nakaji



Tomo Matsumoto

Kanojo ni Naru Hi

Kanojo ni Naru Hi

(The Day He Became A Woman)

Akane Ogura

Kawaii Hito

Kawaii Hito

(Cute Person)

Ken Saitou

Tonari wa Nani o Kuu Hito zo

Tonari wa Nani o Kuu Hito zo

(My Neighbor Will Eat Anything)

Yuki Fujitsuka

Junengo gai nodoko ka de guzen ni

Junengo, gai no doko ka de guzen ni ~across the universe~

(Ten Years Later, We Bump Into Each Other in the City ~across the universe~)

Masami Tsuda

Otona no Kobayashi-kun

Otona no Kobayashi-kun

(Kobayashi-kun the Adult)

Masami Morio

Inaka no Kekkon

Inaka no Kekkon

(Country Marriage)

Chiaki Kawasawa

Yosh! Those are all the series currently running in AneLaLa. There are always short stories and one shots of course. These are the main series you will see that are ongoing.

So which of these series that’s non-licensed would I like to see? I think I need to get a copy of this magazine. There’s quite a few series that interest me.

  • Meca Tanaka’s series, Asa Made Matemasen!, should be a fun read.
  • Suzuki Chronicle is by the same mangaka that writes Koi Dano, Ai Dano, which I rather enjoy.
  • Kanojo ni Naru Hi is really a fantastic romance story. It plays with gender identity and truly loving someone. I like it a lot and would love to see it get licensed.
  • The title alone of Tonari wa Nani o Kuu Hito zo makes me want to pick it up and read it. I tend to like stories that revolve around food or cooking.
  • Then there’s that josei-like series of one-shots by Kare Kano mangaka Masami Tsuda – Junengo, gai no doko ka de guuzen ni. The idea of a love story ten years later intrigues me. I’d really like to read something new by her.

How about you? What title would you buy if it was on the shelf?

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