Arina Tanemura Panel from AnimeFest 2012

Alright all you shoujo fans, Arina Tanemura came to the states and ened up in Dallas, Texas, of all places. The panel at AnimeFest 2012 was an open Q & A session allowing audience members to pick Tanemura-sama’s brain. There was a translator interpreting for fans and Tanemura. I’ll give you a seat right now so you can hear some of the responses. 

Fan: What is the most favorite and least favorite series you’ve written?

Tanemura: Everything! There are things I like and don’t like about each one.

Fan: What other genre of story would you like to write?

Tanemura: I like funny stories, or short stories.

Fan: A lot of your characters in Full Moon have very detailed costumes. Where do you get your inspiration for your clothing designs?

Tanemura: From my own wardrobe! **Stands up and showcases her cute dress with lace trim and denim jacket.**

Fan: What are some other manga that you enjoy?

Tanemura: K-On!

Fan: Welcome to Texas. Here’s a pink cowboy hat as a gift for your trip. **Tanemura puts on pink cowboy hat and pretends to shoot guns with her fingers. Crowd cheers.**   What is your creation process for writing stories?

Tanemura: I decide the beginning, the end, and the climax of the story as an outline. Those are scenes I won’t change. However I may change  some of the scenes that happen in between or who is to become the main character’s love.

Fan: Where did you get the inspiration to become a manga artist?

Tanemura: I loved drawing as a child and would draw all the time. My cousin would always ask the stories behind the pictures I drew. So I ended up drawing and writing stories.

Fan: Time Stranger Kyoko seemed as if it could have been a longer story. Why was it so short?

Tanemura: According to polls during the time it was running, girls didn’t like Kyoko’s strong personality. It was my editor’s decision to cut off Time Stranger Kyoko, and I had to finish it. **Deep Awww from the Crowd**

Fan: All the clothing in Full Moon is very detailed. Did you ever regret making your designs that detailed?

Tanemura: **laughs** All through Full Moon I suffered from hand cramps, trying to draw every single detail. **grips her arm in the air and lays her head down on the table. Crowd chuckles.**

Fan: You’ve finished your autobiography and the most recent story arc of Fudanjuku Monogatari. What are you planning next?

Tanemura: I’m planning a new series, but it’s a secret! **Crowd groans**

Fan: What has been your favorite thing about the states?

Tanemura: The food! **Crowd laughs**

Fan: Do you see yourself ever going back to work on one of your previous series, to fill in the story or add more to it?

Tanemura: No. Once a story is completed it’s done. No looking back. That doesn’t mean I might not do that in the future, though.

Fan: Who are some other artists that you would say influenced you?

Tanemura: Wataru Yoshizumi from Marmalade Boy.  (She said 2 others but I wasn’t familiar with the names so I didn’t get them.)

As a final demonstration Tanemura-sama asked the crowd to vote for their favorite character of hers. The majority of the guests love Full Moon, so the overall vote went to Takuto Kira. Tanemura then proceded to draw a poster size portrait of Takuto sticking his tongue out with a kitten on his shoulder.  It became an autographed prize for the trivia contest that occurred at the end of the panel.

Sadly no photography was allowed of the Japanese guests, so I have no pics to post for you. You’ll have to use your imagination. I really wish I could have gotten the one of her in the pink cowboy hat. She was so cute and petite!

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  • I can’t believe I missed out on one of my fav mangaka >x<

  • Thanks for the transcript! I was the one that gave her the hat ( The pink cowboy hats can be bought in a Texas store at the Galleria in North Dallas ), I only wish that they had allowed pictures, but that event had to be one of the best of my life! If you can find any pictures of her with the hat, I would absolutely love it.

    • Thanks for commenting, Ryan! Your gift was one of my favorite moments of the panel because of how she reacted. It was a memorable experience that we were lucky to witness. If anyone did get a pic of her, let us know! You can email me using the contact button.

      • Thanks! Sent you a message last night!

  • Thanks so much for the transcript! Sounds like it was a lot of fun~ Still super jealous that you were able to attend. ;]

    • I really wish I could have gotten a press interview. There were other questions I wanted to ask her. The convention coordinators tried for three days to schedule interviews with the Japanese guests, but with everything they already had on their agenda, there just wasn’t time for individual interviews. I was at least able to ask her one question during the panel – the one about what was she working on next. But she wasn’t telling! XD

      • haha, I’m not surprised she wouldn’t (probably couldn’t) tell. Wish she had at least hinted at something though! Maybe like the silly Sherlock season 3 random hint words, haha.

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