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Asuka is a shoujo manga magazine published by Kadokawa Shoten on a monthly basis. In the beginning, titles in North America were licensed by a variety of publishers, with Tokyopop throwing the most up against the wall and crashing. Now most of the titles are coming from Viz, Darkhorse, and Yen Press

Which popular series have been in Asuka?  Ai Ore!, D N Angel, Legal Drug, X 1999, The Key to the Kingdom, Darker than Black, Ludwig II, The Betrayal Knows My Name, a few Neon Genesis Evangelion spin-offs, and two new series we’re getting soon – Kiss of the Rose Princess, and Demon Prince of Momochi House.  What might we ask our publishers for next? Here’s what’s currently running in Asuka:


Uchi ni Heika ga Shinmai de

(Her Highness is a Novice)

Fujiko Kosumi

Betrayal Knows My NameUragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitte Iru

(The Betrayal Knows My Name)

Hotaru Odagiri

YakumoShinrei Tantei Yakumo

(Psychic Detective Yakumo)

Manabu Kaminaga & Suzuka Oda

Kamisama x Oresama X Danna-sama!?Kamisama X Ore-sama X Danna-sama!?

(God x My Husband x My Customers!?)

Keiko Sakano

Kyo kara MaKyou kara Ma no Tsuku Jinyuugyou!

(God Save Our King!)

Tomo Takabayashi & Temari Matsumoto

Momogumi Plus SenkiMomogumi Plus Senki

(Team Momotaro Plus Battle Strategy)

Eri Sakondou

Zone 00Zone – 00

Kiyo Kyujyo

Trinity BloodTrinity Blood

Sunao Yoshida & Kiyo Kyoujyo

1001 Knights1001 (Knights)

Yukiru Sugisaki

Hyakki TsurezurebukuroHyakki Tsurezurebukuro

(??? detective story)

Hiro Takemitsu

Momochi Akayashi OujiMomochi-san Chi no Akayashi Ouji

(Demon Prince of Momichi House)

Aya Shouoto

Boku to Kiseki to Houseki toBoku to Kiseki to Houseki to

(My Jewels and Wonders)

Temari Matsumoto

Rental HeartsRental Hearts

Sawaki Otonaka

Shichifuku Mafia

Shichifuku Mafia

Akane Terai

Bloody + Mary 2

Bloody + Mary

Akaza Samamiya

Yotsuba Danshiryou Sensen

Yotsuba Danshiryou Sensen

(Yotsuba Boys’ Dormitory Frontline)

Youko Tamotsu


Kimiko Kimata

Yosh! That’s what currently running in Asuka. There are always short stories and one shots of course. These are the main series you will see that are ongoing.

So which of these series that’s non-licensed would I like to see? 

  • Shinrei Tantei Yakumo PLEASE!!! It reminds me of Del Rey’s Ghost Hunt series, but Yakumo is much sexier. (。♥‿♥。)

  • Rental Hearts has an interesting premise as well. A girl who sees spirits and has no friends encounters two brothers who rent off parts of their bodies. I’m assuming their hearts, due to the title.
  • The series 1001 (Knights) is by the same mangaka that brought us D.N. Angel so I’m up for seeing that series as well.
  • Also, Bloody + Mary looks like a good BL title.  Just the art alone is tantalizing. Think Vampire Knight but with boys. (Oi, must have been dead on, cause this series got licensed.)

  • How about you? Anything look interesting? What would you like to read?

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