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Be Love is a josei manga magazine published by Kodansha on a monthly basis that is aimed at an older female audience. So far I can’t find that we’ve gotten any series from Be Love magazine.

We have seen Konata Konami’s work Chi’s Sweet Home from Vertical publishing. She’s currently got another cat series running in Be Love. The closest we’ve gotten to a series running in the magazine is the two seasons of anime of Chihaya Furu by Yuki Suetsugu. I did request the manga license of that series and was told by the publisher that it’s too niche of a topic to get a translation because it’s karuta, the 100 poems game. Whatever. Hikaru no Go was a niche topic until everyone read it and understood the game Go. But, Chihaya Furu is on hiatus now and we’ll never get it. So what can we beg publishers for? Here’s what’s currently running in Be Love:

Super G

Super G

Jun Fukami

Meiji Melancholia

Meiji Melancholia


Uchi no Sensei

Uchi no Sensei

Yuu Hanazuka

Asa Meshi Mae

Asa Meshi Mae

(Piece of Cake)

Koma Kita

Sukutte Goran

Sukutte Goran

(See It Scooped)

Noriko Ootani

Atokata no Machi

Atokata no Machi

(The Town Leaving no Trace)

Yuki Ozawa

Hello Shimai

Hello Shimai

(Hello Sister)

Banana Nangoku


Tasogare Takako

(Twilight Takako)

Kiwa Irie

Onna no Ie

On’na no Ie

(House of Woman)

Akane Torikai

Hito wa Mitame ga 100 Percent

Hito wa Mitame ga 100 Percent

(People Look 100%)

Hiromi Ookubo


Himawari!! – Sore kara no Daisuki

(Himawari!!- It’s From Love)

Mizuho Aimoto

Seito Shuokun! - Saishuushou Tabidachi

Seito Shokun! – Saishuunshou Tabidachi

(Student Gentlemen – Journey: The Final Chapter)

Youko Shouji


Shikatsushi – Joou no Houigaku

(Mistress of Corpse Resuscitation – Queen of Forensic Medicine)

Aki Morino

Fuku Fuku Nyan New

Fuku Fuku Nyan New

Konata Konami



Morita Hitsuji

Done! Those are all the series currently running in Be Love. There are always short stories and one shots of course. These are the main series you will see that are ongoing.

So which of these series that’s non-licensed would I like to see? This time I’m judging solely based on art and impressions because there’s not a lot of info on these series.

  • Asa Meshi Mae looks interesting based on the art and the title. It’s obviously about food, and that guy is kinda cute. 🙂
  • Meiji Melancholia is a historical piece that is a continuation of her previous series. The art is really pretty and I’m all for historical.
  • Shikatsushi – Joou no Houigaku looks like a rendition of Bones or any other Forensic Crime TV show we have here in North America. I’d like that for sure.

How about you? What title would you buy if it was on the shelf?

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  • Aka-chan no Host 6 volumes going on.
    Atelier 777
    Sankaku Yanemachi Apato

    Add these 3 into the list too

  • ahh you haven’t added a few series maybe they are shorts stories that’s why you didn’t listed them but all those stories are continuing and so we can assume they might end in 1 volume

    Asa Meshi Mae is a good series . seems like the guy has bad past and so we can add tragedy there. art is ok
    Meiji Melancholia : good art . handsome guys . i am also interested in this series
    what amazed me is that there are so many series in Be-Love going on which are not known to most of the manga readers or followers of manga from this magazine .
    Sukutte Goran : art is good and seems like story is good too.

    Keep on updating your blog . i will try to promote your site at our fb page

    • This was written in December and hasn’t had an update yet, so maybe that’s why some are missing.

      BE LOVE has several good series. It would be nice to see one of them get licensed in North America.

      Appreciate any links! Thanks in advance!

  • Oh, I didn’t know that Chihayafuru is on hiatus. Thanks for this post, all new manga that I haven’t heard of, except for “Fuku Fuku Nyan New”. All look interesting.

    • Sure! I’m glad to spread the word. In appendage to this post today, I want to add the following:

      Apparently Sukutte Goran has become a big deal in Japan. Which was announced this week after I’d written the post. 🙂 Here’s a video Kodansha made about Noriko Ootani’s break-away josei series about goldfish scooping.

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