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BetsuHana, short for Bessatsu Hana, is a shoujo manga magazine published by Hakusensha on a monthly basis. In the beginning, titles in North America were licensed by Viz, Tokyopop, and CMX.  Now we’re getting titles mostly from Viz.

Which series have been in BetsuHana?  Sky Blue Shore, Blank Slate, King of Cards, Here is Greenwood, Otomen, Rasetsu, Yurara, and the upcoming Yukarism. What do we have to look forward to? Here’s what’s currently running in BetsuHana:

Itsuka no SeishunItsuka no Seishun

(Spring of My Youth)

Shigeyoshi Takagi

Idea no Hana

(Flower of the Idea)


Sakura no Hana no Koucha OujiSakura no Hana no Koucha Ouji

(Cherry Blossom Tea Prince)

Nanpei Yamada

Kuroneko to Koushaku no JuushaKuroneko to Koushaku no Juusha

(Black Cat and Servant of the Marquis)

Yu Tsutamori & Shiori Yuwa

Usotoki RhetoricUsotoki Rhetoric

(Lie-solving Rhetoric)

Ritsu Miyako

Yume no Moribito

(Dreams of Moribito)

Chika Shiomi


Mao Fujisaki

Touring Express EUROTouring Express EURO

Masumi Kawasou

Madame PetitMadame Petit

Shigeru Takao

Shitsuji-sama no OkiiniriShitsuji-sama no Okiniiri

(Butler’s Favorite)

Fuyu Tsuyama & Rei Izawa

Palace MeidiPalace Meidi

Bank Kuze

Boku no Chikyuu o MamotteBoku no Chikyuu o Mamotte

(Please Save My Earth)

Saki Hiwatari

*Anniversary Reprinting*

That’s a wrap! That’s what currently running in BetsuHana. There are always short stories and one shots of course. These are the main series you will see that are ongoing.

So which of these series that’s non-licensed would I like to see?  

  • Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri is really CUTE! I love that one! It’s about a girl who happens to earn the most sought after butler at her academy – because he’s really an elite like her, but taking the butler courses. Lots of fun and hijinks ensue.

  • Of course, give me Chika Shiomi as well – Yume no Moribito. It’s Chika Shiomi!! You guys really need to read Yukarism and Rasetsu so we’ll get that one as well!!

  • Idea no Hana sounds intriguing. It’s about an orphan who sees spirits and encounters a couple who have the same abilities. Plus, I haven’t seen Emura since W Juliet.

  • How about you? Anything look interesting? What would you like to read?

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