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Betsuma, short for Bessatsu Margaret, is published by Shueisha on a monthly basis. The titles in Betsuma that have been licensed here in North America are mostly from Viz with Itazura na Kiss published by DMP.

Which popular series have been in Betsuma?   Kimi ni Todoke, Strobe Edge, High School Debut, Love * Com, Crimson Hero, and Itazura na Kiss to name a few. That’s a great list of series, right?  Well, what’s running now, you say? Here’s what’s currently running in Betsuma:

illust_warui_hito Warui Hito

(Bad People)

Fujii Aya


(Continuation of Sixteen Syndrome)


illust_stellato_millefeuille Stella to Mille Feuille

(Midwinter Galaxy)

 Kana Watanabe

illust_sensei_kunsyu Sensei Kunshu

(Tyrant Sensei)

 Momoko Kouda

illust_harukiyo Haru X Kiyo

Akira Ozaki

illust_stand_up Stand Up!

 Aiji Yamakawa

illust_rerehello ReRe Hello

(Ring! Ring! Hello)

 Minami Toko


Nijiiro Deizu 

(Rainbow Days)

Minami Mizuno

illust_honey Honey

Amu Meguro

illust_ore_monogatari Ore Monogatari!!

(My Love Story!!)

 Aruko and Kazune Kawahara

illust_aozora Aozora Yell

(Yell for the Blue Sky)

Kazune Kawahara

illust_ookami_syoujyo Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

(Wolf Girl and Black Prince)

 Ayuko Hatta

 illust_kimini_todokeKimi ni Todoke

(From Me to You)

 Shiina Karuho

illust_unubore Unubore Heart’s Cry


 illust_aohaAo Haru Ride

(Blue Spring Ride)

 Io Sakisaka

illust_gakkyudanShounen Shoujo Gyakkudan

(Boy Girl Class Team)

Mari Fujimura

illust_gal Gal Japon

Masako Shitara


Naraukou Shiikubu

Emi Fujino



Ayane Shiro


illust_sweets_bonbonSweets * Bonbon

Miyuki Akahora

Done! That’s what currently running in Betsuma. There are always short stories and one shots of course. These are the main series you will see that are ongoing.

So which of these series that’s non-licensed would I like to see?  I ♥ LOVE   Ao Haru Ride, and I hope we’ll get that in North America since we got Strobe Edge. It currently has an anime airing this summer that you can view on Crunchyroll. Besides that, ReRe HelloAozora Yell and Stand Up! are the only ones I’ve really gotten into. I’ve looked at Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji and my reaction was nice art, story is “meh”. I’m interested in Warui Hito and Rainbow Days, but haven’t looked at them yet.

How about you? Anything look interesting? What would you like to read?

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