Blue Spring Ride Episode 7 – “I Just Have to Tell Her”

Whaaa?? I’m looking online for bloggers writing posts on Blue Spring Ride anime and  – **crickets**. Really? I know there are some fangirls out there somewhere. I really want to talk about this anime with other viewers! I guess I’m coming in midway through, but somethin’ is better than nothin’!

Episode 7 begins where 6 left off at the train station. Futaba is fighting her attraction to Kou because her best friend Yuuri admitted she likes him. Futaba doesn’t want to betray Yuuri, so she’s trying to suppress the “doki, doki”, but failing miserably. And Kou isn’t helping.

BSR7 - Indirect Kiss

Indirect kiss implications, smelling her scent. He’s working all the magic, my friends. My favorite part of this scene is the contrast of what Futaba thinks of herself and how Kou really perceives her.

Berating herself

BSR - Ugly Horrified







Futaba is horrified when she goes into her bag and it’s a mess. So ungirly of her, like she tried to create last year. She wishes to be cute this time for Kou.

BSR7-Futabas Shame

Instead, Kou is getting a kick out of her shampoo smell. He finds her girly and attractive anyway. Then they have to ruin it by pretending it was a joke of some sort. Idiots.




Kou’s attentions make her realize that she really likes him. She decides to escape by stopping to buy shampoo on the way home, and picking out something that she thinks Kou will like the smell of. Then she’s back to wallowing over how to tell Yuuri that she likes Kou too.

I really think this whole thing with Yuuri is dragged on for too many episodes already. (Futaba, just tell her, dammit! Kou likes you anyway! ) The whole backstory of her lost friend from middle school was unnecessary. We already know how scarce Futaba’s girlfriends are from the first few episodes. This just adds confusion to what Futuaba already knows she should do.

BSR - Futaba's Indecision 1

But instead, she’s hesitating. Her indecisiveness drives me crazy! She avoids Yuuri unintentionally. So we have to endure another episode of Futaba trying to tell Yuuri she likes Kou.

Futaba avoids YuuriFutaba's Indecision 2







Love Kou in Secret?

But escaping from Yuuri puts her in a great position to get some Kou action once again. The moment when Kou realizes that Futaba is right there below the window he jumps out of to escape his brother is hilarious.

Suprise Kou and Futaba

But then Kou has to go getting close to Futaba again. Touching her mouth, smelling her hair. He’s relentless.

Quiet Futaba!

She Changed Shampoo

So many confusing signals between these two. Futaba gets serious and confesses honestly she wants him to like her. Then Kou evades it and plays it like a joke. Argh! Damn Kou. Why doesn’t he want to admit his own feelings when they are so obvious on camera?

Love ME!

Just Joking?!

The most important part of this scene is the issue with why he’s escaping from his brother again. He won’t tell Futaba why he won’t eat dinner with him. What’s he hiding??

No Dinner with Oni-chan

But instead of continuing that plot element we end up back on Yuuri. I feel sorry for her, since Futaba’s dragged it out so long. She’s already confused and wondering if Futaba is mad. I really don’t think Yuuri would abandon Futaba. (Umm, remember Futaba, she doesn’t have a long list of friends either.) It would be petty and not worth damaging a friendship over. But Futaba is a SLOW learner, obviously.

Yuuri mad

I hope this whole “we both like Kou” thing doesn’t dominate the next episode as much. Get it over with the first few minutes, okay? But it’s a shoujo anime, so that’s highly unlikely. I really want to know more about Kou’s backstory and I hope we get to that plot point quicker.

See you next episode!

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  • I am not sure if you’ve read the manga, but I really like this series! I don’t want to spoil anything and the anime probably varies (I’ve never watched it) but, depending on what shoujo you like this story might get a little old after a while. I love the main character, but to be honest the story itself is very similar to other manga that is out there right now or that was popular before it. I love romance, but it’s hard to read a manga where the author makes it seem like she’s going to stray from the normal girl falls for guy, guy no longer likes her (maybe?) so someone else comes along and there you go, new story begins. But much to my dismay it ends up like the following manga Bokura ga ita and Chitose ect. (Which I just started reading and atm there are no more updates) I for one do not like to be strung along. If the main character only loves one person although she is still in high school and cannot get past it at all, why put us through the hell of “maybe she’ll get with someone else” or “Some other guy likes her and she doesn’t know how to feel about it”. I for one would love to read a manga where the girl actually DOESN’T get with the guy she first fell in love with. At this time I have yet to read such a story. In most of these stories the main character if she even gains the love of her boyfriend, they don’t even break up for a little while if they have a huge fight. It’s not realistic for a cute girl to be hung up only on one guy for all 4 years of high school and not branch out! I am very conflicted with this series. If you have read most of the manga so far I would love to discuss the other person (xoxo)situation our main character finds herself in. Sorry for the rant. I never have anyone to talk to either!

    • I too love this series and hope that we eventually get it in English. The anime is spot on for the manga so far, almost scene for scene. So if you’ve read it, then it’s about the same. I have a different take on the relationships, though.

      I think Futaba and Kou really didn’t get a start in middle school, it was just a mutual crush. They hardly spent much time together. So years later when she does get to know him, that’s when she falls in love with him. Which is their second year of high school – remember Japanese high school is only three years – and that’s when the manga is taking place. She hasn’t been “in love” with him for a really long time, but has always had affection for him.

      SPOILER ALERT!!![spoiler]Then out of his own pain and sense of honor – he breaks her heart. She hasn’t recovered from that or gotten over Kou, when she jumps into a new ship with Touma. Stupid on her part because she doesn’t even know how to feel. She needed to move on without including another guy in the picture. But I think Sakisaka wrote it that way because 1) rebound relationships are common, 2) Kou had to have a wake up call that Futaba wasn’t always going to be there, 3)Futaba has to realize the difference between “love” and “like” – she’s only ever had feelings toward Kou, so she has to see the difference when she’s in another relationship 4) It would be a boring story without another love interest.

      As for Touma, her current boyfriend: He’s not really my favorite person because I think he was selfish. Touma is just asking to get hurt in my opinion and will lose out in the end because he was so impatient and wouldn’t wait for Futaba to get over Kou. Futaba is at least trying to make it work, but you shouldn’t have to try so hard for a relationship. [/spoiler]

      As for loving someone for years…well if you’ve ever been in love it happens. You can move on, but always have a place for that person in your heart. Which is what happened in Bokura ga Ita. You especially never forget your first love. That’s why it’s such a common trope in shoujo manga.

      There are other shoujo manga out there that don’t have the heroine ending up with her first love. Skip Beat! is a prime example. If you’re reading scans, then Akaiito, Fukumenkei Noise, Namaikizakari are all recent series that break that pattern. So it’s not in ALL series.

    • I started reading AHR from the first day it was published. At first it was typical and light, then it became intense. Actually , I dropped it at Chapter 35, I think, due to my intense dislike of Kou. The truth is, I dropped it because the commenters on the Forum on mangaFox annoyed me to the max. lol I’ll reread it when it’s done.

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