Blue Spring Ride Episode 9 – Oh, to be a potato!


BSR9 - Lone potatoEveryone who was watching this episode wishes they had the eyes of that potato there. It’s in the room that causes the biggest commotion this episode. We all wish we saw what happened. But how did we end up with potatoes in the first place?

You can blame Futaba’s stalking last episode. See it all started from this conversation between the girls.

BSR9 - He doesn't study

Futaba is concerned about Kou and wants to share it with Yuuri. But Murao is irritated with Kou for another reason. She chimes in about his conversation with his brother.

BSR9 - Kou and Tanaka

He jokes to his brother that he’ll just quit school. Tanaka sensei gets depressed and it upsets Murao. But Futaba has faith that he has some reason he’s acting this way. So the girls determine that they must get involved with his study life as well.

BSR9 - Futaba stay involved

Kominato gets a clue when he and Kou are heading down the hall to lunch and they run into some of the advanced class members whose class Kou used to be a part of. The guys heckle Kou and insult his brother. Kou just stands there and takes it, but Kominato gets rather upset.BSR9 - You only passed

BSR9 - Defend my friend

Then it’s Yuuri’s turn. After watching Kou and Futaba flirt in class, she’s rather depressed and runs into Tanaka sensei out in the courtyard.  Tanaka tells her how Kou can be stoic and non-emotional. He doesn’t confide in others even when he’s hurt. Except he used to go to Tanaka sensei when he was little. Now he doesn’t and Tanaka sensei concludes it’s because he’s got his friends. This makes Yuuri determined to help Kou whether he wants it or not. My favorite part of that scene is seeing Kou and Tanaka sensei act like brothers when they were younger.

BSR9 - Onii-chan!

So now that everyone is determined to help Kou, they decide to invade his house and get him to study. While the group is buying snacks prior to showing up, Kominato calls and tells Kou that they are coming over to study. Thing is, Kou is dead asleep. His reaction when he realizes the group is coming over is comical, and then he rushes to try and lock them out, only to fail.

BSR9 - Horrible Dream

So the group shows up and Kou is refusing to join them. But after a few minutes he gets lured in by his stomach. However Futaba refuses to let him eat snacks until he agrees to study.

BSR9_Teach Me

BSR9 - Futaba SenseiBSR9 - Futaba Pervert?







Not like Futaba was going to resist this request from sleep tousled Kou. Her reaction was one of the best moments of this episode. If you’re a pervert Futaba, then I guess we all are. Because who could resist that look from Kou. But what exactly is Futaba going to teach Kou? Get your mind out of the gutter! Futaba only offers to teach him science. No, not anatomy! Chemistry! Chemistry! Wait…

It’s kind of evident in this scene that Kou is flirting, and Futaba reacts appropriately, so I still don’t understand why he’s trying to act indifferent. Or why he resists studying and causes his brother such grief.

So where is Yuuri in all of this?? She’s rather upset from events earlier in the day. She watches after lunch as Kou and Futaba get into an argument over him getting in trouble in class. He comments about her make-up, and Kominato declares that the reason girls wear make-up is that they’re in love. But Kou decides to dismiss it again like Yoshioka’s just plain ‘ol Yoshioka. Why would she act all girly and wear make-up? But he can’t leave it alone. As the boys decide to leave for lunch, Kou returns. He invades Futaba’s personal space and gets all touchy feely on her.

BSR9 - Touching Lips

BSR9 - Wiping Lipgloss

BSR9 - Doesn't suit

Nice one, Kou. That sure made her heart go “doki, doki”. What are you thinking anyway? “She’s just Yoshioka, but let me touch her lips after I almost kissed her last episode?” Good grief, he’s irritating. Futaba reacts with embarrassment. And Yuuri’s reaction – well it’s not happiness on her face.

BSR9 - Blushing mean

BSR9 - Yuuri's face

But back to Yuuri and the study group. After watching Kou and Futaba flirt in class, and then watching them flirt during the study session, Yuuri decides to push herself into the picture. She asks Kou to get glasses for tea for the group. She then joins him downstairs as he’s taking a while. He’s washing the glasses. Yuuri decides to help and and almost asks him if he likes Futaba. But he doesn’t hear her due to the water and she pretends that it was nothing because she doesn’t really want to hear the answer. Because really, she can already see that he likes or favors Futaba. He flirts with her openly. She can try but I don’t see Kou falling for Yuuri any time soon.

BSR9 - Yuuri askingBSR9 - Water







What will Yuuri do

That’s when the bag of potatoes enters the picture. You wouldn’t think something like that would be important, but, oh, to be a potato in this scene!

BSR9 - potatoes


Yuuri accidentally kicks the bag of potatoes. They go rolling across the floor and one even into the next room. She hurriedly goes to pick it up. Then she glances at Kou. He looks back. They enter the room and Futaba comes downstairs.

Yuuri potatoKou potato







potato room

Futaba arrives

Guilty faces abound. Kou denies anything happened. Yuuri won’t admit anything either. Futaba and the rest of us are left wondering what the heck went on?!

Kou and Yuuri

Kou's denial

Yuuri's denial

yuuri's denail 2

I saw lots of speculation on Crunchyroll about what happened in the room. Funniest one was about Makita being a rapist because he didn’t lock his door. Then there’s the “They must have kissed!” reaction. I know from reading what happened, so I won’t spoil it. But if I had watched it cold I’d be on the team of “Yuuri did something to Kou!” She’s been so damn pushy all episode I wouldn’t be surprised if she made a pass at him. Guess we’ll find out next week.

See you next episode!

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