Call for Contributions – Skip Beat! June MMF

Alright! It’s time to open up the Skip Beat! Moveable Manga Feast. Today is the first day and it will continue through Sunday June 23rd.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I discovered Skip Beat! thanks to the publisher Scholastic. As a teacher, schools have book fairs twice a year. In 2006, I had just gotten into manga, and Skip Beat! was actually a Viz title being sold at Scholastic book fairs. I bought and read volume one…and the rest is history.  Here we are seven years later and it’s still my favorite ongoing series.

I haven’t posted reviews of Skip Beat! in the past because – I just can’t be unbiased! As much as I try to objectify the story I’m too involved, so any volume I tried to review would just end up being a gushing love fest. Nobody takes that seriously. It’s like when I try to review Fruits Basket, same thing happens. So that’s why I offered to host a Skip Beat! MMF. Maybe we can get a good variety of opinions on the series, besides my highly biased one.

I’ll give you today, and tomorrow I’ll start posting daily roundups, unless I get an abundance of submissions. So far no one has sent me past reviews – which I KNOW are out there because I’ve read your sites! 🙂

Just to start us off I’ll share one of my favorite events of volume 1 – Kyoko’s HATE Unleashed!


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