Chi’s Sweet Home – Konata Konami: Series Review

Chi’s Sweet Home, translated from Chīzu Suīto Hōmu, has been serialized in Kodansha’s seinen publication Weekly Morning since 2004. It began publication in North America in June 2010 by Vertical, Inc. A feel good story about a loving family and a rambunctious kitten, Chi’s Sweet Home will charm audiences of all ages.

The Gist: Chi is a kitten that gets separated from her mom and the rest of her litter when she goes for a walk one day. She is found and taken in by the Yamada family. The Yamada family fret about keeping her, while Chi discovers life in an apartment. As days go by, Chi makes some friends and learns about humans and being a cat.

Yohei, Chi, and Mr, and Mrs. Yamada

Yohei, Chi, and Mr. and Mrs. Yamada

The Characters/Plot: The story is told from the perspective of Chi and her interactions with the Yamada family and other animals. Konami thrives at giving readers the experiences of Chi from a kitten’s viewpoint. Every episode delivers Chi’s explorations and assimilations of the world and her place in it. Readers will laugh at how Konami portrays Chi’s perceptions of day to day events such as discovering the litter box, landing on her feet when she falls, or stalking prey. Even the way her name is derived is a funny occurrence.

Chi’s Sweet Home depicts a loving family environment. The Yamada family consists of Yohei, a pre-school age boy, Mommy and Daddy. Yohei and Chi have new experiences together, while Mr. and Mrs. Yamada experience the growing pains of owning a family pet. As characters, the Yamadas are pretty generic at first, but begin to develop as Chi discovers more about them.

Paneling and Coloring

Cat toys? I want the bag!

The Art: The antics of Chi and the Yamadas come to life in vivid color. Yay! The color adds to the finished look of the comic, and provides more clues to mood and atmosphere. While the paneling is a traditional block style, the main attraction of the art is the characters. Through body language and facial expression, Konata can make Chi talk with very little dialogue. She has an admirable understanding of the language of cats.

The Audience: This series is appropriate for all age groups from children to adults. Cat lovers will adore Chi and all her antics. Even if readers aren’t cat fanatics, the story is still engaging and funny.

The Media: Chi’s Sweet Home is available up to volume 8 in North America from Vertical. Four seasons of the Chi’s Sweet Home / Chi’s New Address anime, up to 104 episodes, can be streamed from Crunchyroll.

Heart of Manga Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ Love it!

Cute and funny, full of kitten adventures, Chi’s Sweet Home is a manga that everyone can fall in love with.

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