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Dessert is a shoujo manga magazine published by Kodansha on a monthly basis. The previous titles in Dessert that have been licensed here in North America are only recent ones and are published under Kodansha USA.

Which series that we’ve gotten in North America have been in Dessert? Hardly any, actually. The two series we have gotten are rather popular, though. Say I love You and My Little Monster even have anime available to view on Crunchyroll. What about now, you say? What can we beg publishers for? Here’s what’s currently running in Dessert:

beauty bunnyBeauty Bunny

Mari Yoshino

Bambi and DohleBambi to Dohle

Ai Okaue

liar x liarLiar X Liar

Maki Miyoshi

3D Kanojo3D Kanojo

(Real Girl)

Mao Nanami

Kingyozaka NoboruKingyozaka Nobaru

(Climbing Goldfish Hill?)


taiyonoleTaiyou no Ie

(House of the Sun)


watashitachi ni wa kabe ga AruWatashitachi ni wa Kabe ga Aru

(There are Walls Between Us)

Haru Tsukishima

Sekai no Hashikko to Anzu JamSekai no Hashikko to Anzu Jam

(The World End & Apricot Jam)

Ria Kirishima

tonikaku kimigaTonikaku Kimiga

(Anyways, I xx You)

Uri Sugata

momiro ningyoMomoiro Ningyo

(Pink Mermaid)

Haru Akebono

suki tte li no yoSukitte Ii na Yo

(Say I Love You)

Kanae Hazuki

BokuShitsujiBoku no Shitsuji ♀ ga Ikete Iru

(My Butler is Cool)

Souko Masaki

sakuhin_feverKataomoi Fever

(Unrequited Love Fever)

Fumi Akuta

hoshigami-kun wa Douka ShiteruHoshigami-kun wa Douka Shiteru

(Hoshigami-kun is Weird)

Nikki Asada

seishun lovers festivalSeishuun Lovers Festival

(Youth Lovers Festival)

Azusa Mase

haru matsu bokuraHaru Matsu Bokura

(We Are Waiting for Spring)


honey holicHoney Holic

Watari Sakou

kissandrideKiss and Ride

Yoshie Kaoruhara

reikai tsuushin protocolRekai Tsuushin Protocol

(Spirit World Communication Protocol)

Mizuki Setoguchi

Miyatake MiracleMiyatake Miracle

Fumie Akuta

Yosh! That’s what currently running in Dessert. There are always short stories and one shots of course. These are the main series you will see that are ongoing.

So which of these series that’s non-licensed would I like to see? Taiyo no le has been running for a while and has a pretty good story. I previewed Honey Holic on the Dessert site and it looks like fun. I saw Watashitachi ni wa Kabe ga Aru due to someone commenting about the relationship between the childhood friends being realistic and I really enjoyed it. Haru Matsu Bokura and Miyatake Miracle look really interesting to me too.

How about you? Anything look interesting? What would you like to read?

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  • I seriously want Miyatake Miracle, Haru Matsu Bokura and Kataomi Fever to be licensed. These manga look wayyyyy too cute! (o>w<o)

    • I love Haru Matsu Bokura, and I agree Kataomi Fever looks good as well.

  • Oh haha I am sorry! I didn’t research :P. Thank you for correcting me!!

  • Sukitte is already licensed. There’s always a copy at my Barnes and Nobles. Hmmm, I actually would love to see Day Time Shooting Star, which isn’t on your list. Taiyou no Ie is pretty good.

    I still want Princess Jellyfish and Akagami no Shirayuki Hime to get licensed though haha

    • That’s because Daytime Shooting Star isn’t running in Dessert magazine. It’s in Margaret under “Hirunaka no Ryuusei”. But I did put that I’d like to see that one on my Margaret post here

      As for Sukitte already being licensed, yeah, I listed it because its still running in the magazine. And it’s not in my requests for non-licensed because it already is. 🙂

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