“Library Wars: Love & War” to Get Sequel Series in LaLa

The February issue of LaLa is announcing that Toshokan Sensō: Love & War (Library Wars: Love & War) is concluding and a new series will launch in the May issue of LaLa, known as Toshokan Sensō: Love & War Bessatsu-hen (Library Wars: Love & War Extra).


The series will continue to follow the exploits of the main characters Iku and Dojo from the initial series as well as supporting cast members Tezuka, Shibasaki, Komaki and Marie, and other familiar faces.

Here in North America we’ve gotten Library Wars: Love & War up to volume 12, with the final volume being volume 15 in Japan. If you want to see the sequel to this series, then I suggest you hit up all your shoujo manga reading friends to purchase this action- packed tension-filled romance.

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  • Just finish re-reading the series !!! One of my favorite mangas still wondering when is the special coming to America really want to read it??

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “special”. There has been no word from Shojo Beat on if we will get the sequel. We have been letting them know that we want to see it. You can too if you tell them on twitter (@shojobeat) or tumblr (

  • I know I’m late but I just got volume 15 today and I’m praying we get the sequel series in the US. I loved this entire series and I cried a little(a lot) when he author called her Iku dojo. I’m sorry for the spoiler but I’m a long time fan of the series and I’ve collected all the mana and I can’t help but be happy right now :’)

    • I hope we get the sequel, too. It would be a nice announcement.

      • Has there been any news on when the sequel series will be release? Or is it already out in Japan?

        • It is currently running now in LaLa magazine. It started in May 2015, and there is one tankoban out in Japan so far. I have an issue of LaLa with one of the chapters.

  • I’m so so so excited to have the rest of the series come out! I’ve already binge read most of it!

    • I really enjoy it a lot! I wonder how well it’s done for Shojo Beat? That will determine if we get the sequel in North America.

  • I really want this series to come over to the US.

    • I’m guessing that means you really like Library Wars?

      • Lol yep! I watched the live action movie, loved it, and bought the whole series. Just finished and I really liked it.

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