Memorable Manga Moments: Land of the Blindfolded

Land of the Blindfolded has so many little memorable moments. This is one from the first volume, when Arou first confesses to Kanade at an unexpected time.

Kanade who can see bits of the future worries that someone will be hurt. When a girl accidentally falls down the stairs, Arou saves her by throwing her back up towards Namiki. Arou, however, continues falling. There stands Kanade at the bottom ready to catch Arou, even though he’s much bigger than her. Namiki realizes this and jumps for Arou himself. Both boys end up crashed at the foot of the stairs. No one is badly hurt, but Arou has bumped his head. Namiki leaves and Kanade bends down to check on Arou’s head. At that moment Arou confesses that he likes her. What a time for a confession! A great ending to the first volume.

I have a few other favorite moments from the series. There’s the time when Kanade tackles Arou accidentally in the garden when she decides to return his confession. The scene I posted in the review where Kanade takes Arou up in the tree for his birthday, and he kisses her. Then she almost falls out of the tree and he has to catch her! I love that one! But my most favorite of all is the ending scene. I won’t describe that one, but it’s a great conclusion to a wonderful series!

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  • OMG I really love this manga and now I am reading it again , I really like Arou and Kanade, they make such a cute couple!!!!

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