New on Shoujo Shelves – April 2015

Spring is in the air and the cherry blossoms are blooming. Want to read about some new love that’s blooming, too? Here are the new releases in North America of shoujo and josei manga for the month of April 2015.


Alice in the Country of Clover – The March Hare’s Revolution

In the country of Clover, romance blossoms between Elliot March and Alice. Elliot may have rabbit ears and a sweet smile to match, but as the second in command at Hatter Mansion, the headquarters of Wonderland’s mafia, he is a ruthless killer. Can Alice truly love such an adorable madman?

Story by QuinRose and Art by Ryo Kazuki.

Release Date: April 28, 2015


Dengeki Daisy, vol. 16 – **Final Volume**

Kurosaki and Teru risk their lives to activate “M’s Last Testament,” but a huge explosion goes off on the uninhabited island they’re on! What is the fate of Kurosaki, Teru, and Akira?!

This final volume contains bonus material and two Dengeki Daisy special chapters (one of which includes Teru’s late brother, Soichiro).

Story and art by Kyousuke Motomi.

Release Date: April 7, 2015


Inu X Boku SS, vol. 7

Ririchiyo has decided to make a fresh start, removing the blinders from her eyes and releasing Soushi from his contract. From now on, she has resolved to treat this incarnation of Soushi as his own person and to mourn the loss of the man she loved in a previous life. The change has given Ririchiyo a clear perspective, but Soushi’s heart remains clouded. Playing the part of his former self for Ririchiyo’s sake was an act – what will happen when Soushi’s true feelings come to light…?

Story and art by Cocoa Fujiwara.

Release Date: April 21, 2015


Itazura na Kiss, vol. 12

Kotoko and Naoki finally are able to work in the same hospital ward, but the battle is never over! With all the female nurses vying for Naoki’s attention, Kotoko wishes for better sex appeal, but is it really necessary? And when young Nao-chan reappears, he is no longer the child they remember. Amidst all this, Chris and Kinnosuke take their relationship to the next step. With all this love flying in the air, perhaps it is time for Kotoko and Naoki to deepen their relationship as well?

Story and art by Kaoru Tada.

Release Date: April 29, 2015


Let’s Dance a Waltz, vol. 1 – **New Series**

Homely and shy, Hime is burdened by the name her mother gave her, “Princess.” Wanting nothing more than to be unnoticed and live a modest life, Hime gets a jolt of inspiration when she tries a dance class where she meets Tango. Her teacher/dance partner, Tango happens to also be her classmate at school. Unfortunately, Tango is desperate to keep his ballroom dancing a secret, believing it will ruin his cool image if anyone at school finds out. Will Tango quit teaching Hime in order to keep his secret, or will he be the partner Hime believes he’s destined to be?

Story and art by Natsumi Ando.

Release Date: April 14, 2015


Library Wars: Love & War, vol. 13

The Media Betterment Committee has silenced a famous writer, and Library Forces member Iku Kasahara and her supervisor and secret crush, Dojo, must fight to protect his right to speak… and live! As the Library Forces wage a fierce battle against censorship, Iku and Dojo’s burgeoning relationship provides the team with a welcome distraction, and – unfortunately for them – some comic relief!

Story by Hiro Arikawa and Art by Kiiro Yumi.

Release Date: April 7, 2015


Meteor Prince, vol. 2 – **Final Volume**

Hako Natsuno’s bad luck hasn’t improved, but her alien boyfriend, Io, takes everything in stride, even when his feelings for her cause him to be repeatedly struck by lightning. The two have barely started dating when a naked alien girl arrives on Earth and says she is Io’s true mate. Hako really does have the worst luck!

Story and art by Meca Tanaka.

Release Date: April 7, 2015


My Love Story!!, vol. 4

Sunakawa’s older sister, Ai, has had a secret crush on Takeo since she was little. But Hayato Oda, someone who goes to the same collage as her, is making some aggressive romantic advances. Can Ai sever her feelings for Takeo and accept Oda’s feelings? Meanwhile, a girl other than Yamato has realized Takeo’s appeal…!

A bonus story about Takeo and Sunakawa when they were in preschool is included in this volume.

Story by Kazune Kawahara and Art by Aruko.

Release Date: April 7, 2015


Say I Love You, vol. 7

It’s been a full year since eccentric loner Mei Tachibana set out onto the seas of love with the self-assured Yamato Kurosawa, but there’s a storm ahead! Yamato’s friend Kai has confessed his feelings for Mei. Will it sow the seeds of doubt, or just deepen her affection for Yamato? Meanwhile, Megumi’s scheming forces her into greater and greater social isolation. With all this churning in the background, what’ll happen when Mei and Yamato leave for an overnight anniversary trip?

Story and art by Kanae Hazuki.

Release Date: April 28, 2015


Skip Beat!, vol. 34

The President of LME has called Kyoko in for a special meeting, and she is all set for Judgment Day. Especially when Ren shows up too! But to her complete shock, Lory doesn’t reveal that she has feelings for Ren. In fact, he’s giving “Setsuka” some time off so Kyoko can study for finals. It seems like her secret is safe from Ren, but there’s no hiding from her own feelings. How will she cope with a heart that’s slipped its bonds?!

Story and art by Yoshiki Nakamura.

Release Date: April 7, 2015


Sword Art Online, Progressive vol. 2

The party is shaken when their leader, Diavel, is struck down by the boss of the very first floor. At such an early stage, Asuna and her teammates are confronted for the first time with the cruel reality of their situation: Sword Art Online is no mere game – death here is final. Their commander lost, the remaining fighters begin to lose heart and plan their retreat. But the fight must go on if they are to escape this game world. And in his dying moments, Diavel managed to convey his appointment for the next commander – Kirito!

Story by Reki Kawahara and Art by Kiseki Himura.

Release Date: April 21, 2015


Voice Over! Seiyu Academy, vol. 10

Hime is really excited about her new role in the hot anime series Cruel Octalia. But the fan response (including from her friends!) is just lukewarm. Hime knows she needs to do more research into the character, but recent events have made her too confused to go to the best source of help – Senri Kudo!

Story and art by Maki Minami.

Release Date: April 7, 2015


Yukarism, vol. 2

Satomi Katsuhiko enters Yukari’s life when he needs a new housekeeper, but Yukari’s devoted fan Mahoro Tachibana instantly hates him! The three’s karmic relationship with each other begins to unravel, and things take an unexpected turn when the past seeps into the present!

Story and art by Chika Shiomi.

Release Date: April 7, 2015

There are A LOT of new releases this month, especially from Shojo Beat. I’ve already read my copy of Skip Beat!, Dengeki Daisy, and Library Wars. Finishing up Meteor Prince later tonight. I’ll be checking out Let’s Dance a Waltz from Natsumi Ando for review, and also write up my review for Yukarism as well.

What series will you be picking up?

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  • Gonna need to start Library Wars…I saw the anime and found it too ridiculous and over the top to continue.

    • Well, the anime is and is not the same as the manga. The manga has been redrawn, and I personally love it! It’s the same story otherwise. But I have a thing for books and a thing for military, so it might just be me! Although, Dojo is pretty cute. 😉

      • Nice! It might have been that I saw it when I was frst getting into anime so I didn’t “get it.” But I love books so it seems like something I would enjoy. Thanks so much!!

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