New on Shoujo Shelves – August 2015

It’s so hot things are melting in Japan! We’re getting there where I live, too. Time to sit in the air conditioning and read the newest chapters of our favorite shoujo manga. Here’s what’s being newly released for the month of August 2015.

ACH White Rabbit 01

Alice in the Country of Hearts: White Rabbit and Some Afternoon Tea

It all began on a fateful Sunday afternoon, while Alice was in the garden with her sister… or did it? Alice doesn’t know why a white rabbit whisked her off to a land full of wonders, but the lines of reality have blurred, and she thinks she’s in a dream.

It must be, since the white rabbit is a handsome man who’s confessed his undying love for her, and his whimsical Country of Hearts is surprisingly vicious. But when faced with this strange rabbit and the depth of his feelings for her, Alice starts to wonder how she could possibly dream up a love so deep… because it’s more profound than anything she’s ever known. At long last, the story of Peter White!

Story by QuinRose and Art by Mamenosuke Fujimaru.

Release Date: August 25, 2015

Ani-Imo 4

Ani-Imo, vol. 4

Despite his trepidations, Youta agrees to check into a love hotel with Yurika in pursuit of the two who now inhabit their bodies. Youta is pleasantly surprised by the hotel accommodations, but surprise turns to shock when he hears moans emanating from Hikaru’s neighboring room! The experience leaves Youta deeply shaken. Is he protective of his sister’s purity as her big brother, or is it because he wants to defile her himself?!

Story and art by Haruko Kurumatani.

Release Date: August 18, 2015

Black Rose Alice 4

Black Rose Alice, vol. 4

Alice thinks she has fully adapted to her role in Dimitri’s nest and is carefully considering which vampire to propagate with. But when the man she loved when she was Azusa shows up one day, her carefully constructed acceptance starts to crumble…

Story and art by Setona Mizushiro.

Release Date: August 4, 2015

Citrus 3

Citrus, vol. 3

Even though outgoing and bubbly Yuzu doesn’t always get along with her serious step-sister Mei, she still wants them to be a family. But when Mei kisses Yuzu, it makes their already complicated relationship that much more complex!

That’s when Matsuri shows up, an old childhood friend of Yuzu’s who is determined to battle it out with Mei for the title of “Yuzu’s little sister.” What Yuzu doesn’t realize is that Matsuri isn’t the sweet little girl she used to be, and she’s willing to use every dirty trick she can to break up Yuzu and Mei’s relationship. Will Yuzu be able to protect Mei from this devious interloper?

Story and art by Saburouta.

Release Date: August 18, 2015

Emma Omni 2

Emma, Omnibus 2

Not wishing to cause a scandal within the Joneses’ household, Emma chooses to make a clean break from her old life and takes a train to the sea. As chance would have it, Emma finds herself sharing a car with another maid, who serves at a large manor in the country. A big house bustling with servants seems an ideal place at which to move forward after losing her mistress and leaving her love back in London. Learning the precise dance of domestic service in her new environment is a welcome challenge, but how long can hard work divert Emma’s mind from the longing of her heart?

Story and art by Kaoru Mori.

Release Date: August 18, 2015

FTBM cover 1

Fairy Tail: Blue Mistral, vol. 1 **New Series**

Before joining Fairy Tail, Wendy Marvell was raised by the dragon Grandeeny to practice the wind-based sky dragon slayer magic. Her only friend is Carla, a magical flying cat exiled from her home. When Grandeeny suddenly disappears, Wendy and Carla must face the perils of the Dragon Valley alone. This will be the first test of Wendy’s magic, and of her inner strength and courage to survive in a dangerous and unpredictable world! Will she be up to the challenge?

Story by Hiro Mashima and Art by Rui Watanabe.

Release Date: August 25, 2015

Kaze Hikaru 23

Kaze Hikaru, vol. 23

Sei is badly injured when she rescues Shoji in a surprise attack against the Shinsengumi. Though she seems to be recovering, Shoji is haunted by the incident and Sei’s role in saving his life. His behavior is so unreasonable that Saito threatens to revoke his role as Vice Captain! Meanwhile, Captain Kondo returns from a disappointing trip to Hiroshima… little does he know that some of his closest confidants are conspiring against him!

Story and art by Taeko Watanabe.

Release Date: August 4, 2015

Lets Waltz 3

Let’s Dance a Waltz, vol. 3 **Last Volume**

(So here I’m going to rant at Kodansha a little. They’ve taken away their new releases page on their website. I guess because they do announcements on tumblr. But for heaven’s sake at least put up images for books that are coming out in a matter of days! I had to put the Japanese cover so you guys can see what it might look like. There are no pictures and no synopsis for the conclusion of this series. And this happens almost every month for new titles! You guys need to hire someone to do that job to help with PR and sales!!!)

Story and art by Natsumi Ando.

Release Date: August 25, 2015

Maid-sama Omni 1-2

Maid-sama! Omnibus, vol. 1-2 **License Rescue!**

As if being class president of a predominantly male high school wasn’t hard enough, Misaki Ayuzawa has a major secret – she works at a maid cafe after school! How is she supposed to keep her image of being ultra smart, strong, and overachieving intact once school heartthrob Takumi Usui discovers her double life?!

Can Misaki trust Usui to keep her secret from the rest of the kids at school? And why the heck is he always showing up at the maid cafe? Maybe she should start taking him seriously when he says he likes her – especially when he throws in an unexpected kiss!

Collects volumes 1-2 in omnibus format.

Story and art by Hiro Fujiwara.

Release Date: August 4, 2015


Say I Love You, vol. 9

Megumi has beaten Mei in the School Idol Contest. And to the victor go the spoils: a date with Yamato. Mei says she’s fine with it, but she’s never been good at hiding her feelings, and her friends can tell she’s concerned. But when Mei pays a visit to Yamato’s older brother at his salon, she hears about the feelings he’s been carrying all this time… and learns something new about love.

Story and art by Kanae Hazuki.

Release Date: August 25, 2015

SoD 5

Spell of Desire, vol. 5 **Last Volume**

With the reawakening of the Witch Queen, Kaoruko and Kaname are called back to the coven. As his punishment for betraying the Witch Queen and falling in love with Kaoruko, Kaname has his five senses, and even his memories of Kaoruko, stripped from him. Unable to fight against such a powerful spell, the two are in despair, but they discover that Kaoruko, who has received the blessing of a white witch, may be the only one capable of breaking that spell!

Story and art by Tomu Ohmi.

Release Date: August 4, 2015


So Cute It Hurts!!, vol. 2

Mitsuru is now on the hit list of a popular school bully, and no one but Megumu’s weird friends and the girl of his dreams are willing to stand up with him against the attacks. Megumu has fallen in love too, but it turns out her new flame is allergic to girls! Can the twins avert tragedy, or was switching places the beginning of a disaster?!

Story and art by Go Ikeyamada.
Release Date: August 4, 2015

TRC Omni 5

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Ominbus 5

(again, no synopsis)

Story and art by CLAMP.

Release Date: August 11, 2015


Voice Over! Seiyu Academy, vol. 12

Hime has the chance of a lifetime – to live and work with her heroine Sakura Aoyama. Sure, she’ll still be in the role of Shiro, but she’ll be breathing the same air as her idol every day! But Senri knows what his mom is really like, and he’s worried that his new friend will fall under her spell. Can Senri save Shiro from the same heartbreak he suffered as a kid without destroying Hime’s dream?

Story and art by Maki Minami.
Release Date: August 4, 2015

Wallflower 35

The Wallflower, vol. 35

(again, no synopsis from Kodansha)

Story and art by Tomoko Hayakawa.
Release Date: August 25, 2015

Wow! A lot coming out this month. We’ve got Fairy Tail Blue Mistral starting as well as the first omnibus for Maid-sama! being released. The concluding volumes for Spell of Desire and Let’s Dance a Waltz as well. Another volume of Kaze Hikaru at last! I’m really excited for the next volume of So Cute It Hurts!!

How about you? What series will you be picking up?


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  • Wow! A lot of TOTALLY new volumes for this month of August my birth month!♥

    • Happy Birthday Nikki!

  • Hmmm really interested in Kaze Hikaru since I’ve never seen it before. You seem pretty excited for it. Have you read the series before?

    • Yes. I enjoy it. The series is historical fiction with a girl that pretends to be a boy because she wants to become a samurai to avenge her family. She has one romantic interest who knows her secret and tries to help her learn the ways of bushido.

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