New on Shoujo Shelves: June 2013

Summer’s here and it’s time for some poolside romance reading. Grab some of these ongoing series and keep up with your favorite love interests while beating the heat. Here’s what’s come out on shoujo shelves for the month of June:

Shojobeat titles hit shelves this past Tuesday so you can find those all now. The next installment of Amazing Agent Luna is one I’ll be sure to pick up.



Publisher Synopsis

sevenseas_logo aliceclover_CCW5_cover

Alice in the Country of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz, vol. 5

His name is Boris, and despite his human form and piercings and tattoos, he is not your typical punk teenager. For he is the Cheshire Cat, complete with cat ears and a tail, and a penchant for riddles. Boris is in madly love with Alice, and Alice is vulnerable and lonely. But will she fall for the Cheshire Cat?

sevenseas_logo AAL_Vol9

Amazing Agent Luna, vol. 9

Grown in a lab from the finest genetic material, fifteen-year-old Luna Collins has been trained all her life by a covert government agency as the ultimate espionage agent. But everything she believes has turned out to be a lie. Now, working for a rogue agency, she has turned her back on the past, with a new mission that pits her against former allies. It can only end one way: a fight to the finish against those she loves.

sb_logo DOA_cover10

Dawn of the Arcana, vol. 10

In Lithuanel, Nakaba desperately searches for a way to save both her friend Akhil and his brother Azhal. Unfortunately, her visions show that only one of them will live. Meanwhile, Caesar’s return to Belquat may mean the end of his relationship with Nakaba…

sb_logo DLS_cover3

Demon Love Spell, vol. 3

Shrine maiden Miko has sealed the powers of the sexy incubus Kagura, who has vowed to protect her. Miko finds herself suddenly popular with the boys at school and starts getting asked out. Has falling in love with Kagura made her more attractive to the opposite sex, or is some other mysterious force at work?


A Devil and Her Love Song, vol. 9

Unable to tell Maria his feelings for her, Shin decides to channel all his energy into playing the piano. His hard work pays off when he lands a role in a big concert, but will Maria even be there on the day of the show?

Kodansha_logo KP_omnibus4

Kitchen Princess, Omnibus 4

Najika is a great cook and she likes to make meals for the people she loves, but something is missing from her life. When she was a child, she met a boy who touched her heart – and now she’s determined to find him. The only clue Najika has is a silver spoon that leads her to the prestigious Seika Academy.

Attending Seika will be a challenge. Every kid at the school has a special talent, and the girls in Najika’s class think she doesn’t deserve to be there. But Sora and Daichi, two popular brothers who barely speak to each other, recognize Najika’s cooking talent for what it is: magical. Is either boy Najika’s mysterious prince?



 Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura, vol. 10

Rurijo captures the smitten Hayate and uses moon spring water on him. Princess Yuri, betrothed to Lord Fujimurasaki, seeks the private company of another man. And Princess Sakura is taken hostage by the emperor…


Skip Beat!, vol. 31

Ren is fighting to keep himself under control, but living as Cain Heel and simultaneously building the character BJ are really wearing him down. Kyoko is getting really worried, but even President Lory can’t do more than encourage her to support Ren. Can Kyoko’s own dark side give her the insight to help her friend, or will she be forced to watch as he self-destructs?!

Which series are you going to be picking up?

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  • No love for No. 6?

    • Which series? What did I forget?

      • No. 6 is also starting this week. I suppose it’s not traditional shojo, but it does run in a shojo magazine.

        • Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It is shoujo and currently runs in Aria magazine. I’ll be sure to add it, and I’ll have to check it out! 🙂

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