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Uta no Prince

News Roundup: Jan. 6-12

Amazon is getting into the anime streaming competition. The company debuted its new service for Amazon prime members called Anime ...
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News Roundup: Dec. 30-Jan. 5

The Blu-ray version of Revolutionary Girl Utena will be available for purchase in 2017, thanks to Right Stuf’s Nozomi Entertainment ...
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New on Shoujo Shelves – January 2017

New year, new titles. And we have some doozies coming out for 2017!! I want to take a moment to ...
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Top Shoujo News of 2016

Cardcaptor Sakura was popular when I was growing up. So I’m sure this year’s news of a new manga, new ...
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News Roundup: Dec. 16-22

Fans of Sailor moon can watch Sailor Moon R: The Movie in select theaters starting Jan. 20. The movie will ...
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Kenka Banchou

News Roundup: Dec. 9-15, 2016

The otome game Kenka Banchou is getting a series of anime shorts in the spring. According to Anime News Network: ...
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Game License Wishlist

Although publishers are starting to meet demands for translated otome games, there are some I would like to see make ...
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How to Legally Watch Anime in 2017

I work with teenagers on a daily basis, and I teach animation as a subject. It's no surprise then, that ...
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Shoujo Anime for Winter 2017

I have to laugh because this list does not include any anime that is strictly of shoujo genre. We are ...
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What Yuri on Ice!!!!! Did Right

Here at HOM, both of us were diligently following the fall anime Yuri on Ice!!!!! We decided to do an ...
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Gifts for Shoujo Anime and Manga Fans 2016

Most have started shopping for loved ones and friends. This week here at Heart of Manga we'll be sharing what's ...
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Seven First Kisses: Who do you love? What’s better than bringing handsome A-list men of Korean dramas all to the same show? Nothing. Seven First Kisses ...
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