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Anime Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice Jigsaw Puzzle Unboxing

I like practical anime merchandise, so when I heard Yuri!!! on Ice was coming out with two jigsaw puzzles I ...
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Idol and Anime Music Releases Q1 2017

If you're looking for some new music, here are some releases that have either debuted recently, or you can look ...
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Oh, Sketra!!! Yuri on Ice!!! The Soundtrack Review

Hopefully you guys are not tired of Yuri on Ice!!! at this point yet.  I know the first couple weeks ...
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Best New Shoujo Manga of 2016

Not as many new series this year as last year. However, many new titles we got are read-worthy for shoujo ...
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Best Dramas 2016

Every year is a good year for dramas, and that’s what makes it so hard to narrow it down to ...
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LDK vol. 1-7 by Ayu Watanabe

LDK is currently running in Betsufure, or Bessatsu Friend, a magazine published by Kodansha. It began publication in 2009 and ...
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Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – A Heartbreaking Drama

Why do you watch dramas? That’s a question I asked myself as I watched Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. This drama made ...
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Fall 2016 Anime We’re Still Watching

I don't know about everyone else, but my watch schedule this fall has been packed! There are so many shows ...
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