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Ribon is a shoujo manga magazine aimed at girls age 9-13, published by Shueisha on a monthly basis. The titles in Ribon that have been licensed here in North America were picked up by various publishers at first. Some of the earlier series came from Tokyopop and and CMX, but now are mostly from Viz media under Shojo Beat.

Which popular series have been in Ribon?   Marmalade Boy, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Time Stranger Kyoko, I.O.N., Phantom Thief Jeanne, The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross, Mistress Fortune, Sakura Hime, Aishiteruze Baby, Cactus’s Secret, St. Dragon Girl, Ultra Maniac, Gals!, and Kodacha to name a few.  As you can see, that list is mostly dominated by Arina Tanemura who no longer writes for Shueisha but is a free agent. Well, what’s running now, you say? Here’s what’s currently running in Ribon:

Sugar * Soldier Sugar * Soldier

Mayu Sakai

Romantica ClockRomantica Clock

Youko Maki

Choco-tan Choco-tan!

Kozue Takeuchi

Lalala Hallelujah Lalala Hallelujah!

Yuka Fujiwara

Primo Prima!Primo Prima!

Utano Yuzuki


Moe Yukimaru

Boku no Ie ni Oide

Boku no Ie ni Oide

(Come to My House)

Nachi Yuuki

Nanairo KakumeiNaniro Kakumei

(Nana’s Revolution)

Mizuka Yuzuhara

Nekota no Koto ga Ki ni Natte ShikataniNekota no Koto ga Ki ni Natte Shikatani

(There is Nothing for Nekota to Worry About)

Rie Daishi


Tsubasa to HotaruTsubasa to Hotaru

(Tsubasa and Hotaru)

Nana Haruta

Zekkyou GakkyuuZekkyou Gakkyuu

(Screaming Lessons)

Emi Ishikawa

BuddyGoBuddy Go!

Minori Kurosaki

Hai! That’s what currently running in Ribon. There are always short stories and one shots of course. These are the main series you will see that are ongoing.

So which of these series that’s non-licensed would I like to see? Tsubasa to Hotaru actually got an anime, so that’s one I’d like to see. We were going to get Hiyokoi from Tokyopop before they went defunct. Now, who knows? I think Romantica Clock looks interesting, too.

How about you? Anything look interesting? What would you like to read?

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