Shōjo Wallpapers for January 2012

The latest images for your desktop or mobile device. Be sure to check back on this post as I will add more as they become available. Some manga magazines post multiple per month. I claim no right to these images and only provide links to make them easy to find. All images are copyright the artist and publisher. Enjoy!

I will put an image of the wallpaper and that should link you to the largest size. If you would want smaller sizes for portable devices I will add a link to the actual site, and you can download from there.


Heroine Shikkaku




Ribon Heroines



No more free downloads from Hana to Yume. This will be the last time I insert a link.


Switch Girl!!


Choujo wa Koi de Son o Suru


Pin to Kona


Six Half

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  • Thank you very much for sharing these links with us!
    It’s very convenient when all the links gathered together))
    It’s a pity that Hana to Yume won’t publish wallpapers on it’s site anymore.
    And what about adding one more link to your collection? Wallpapers from Cobalt. It’s not exactly manga but still…

    • I’ve looked at Cobalt before, but didn’t know how much interest there was for those stories. I can start to include them. 🙂

  • Hello ^^

    Thank you for all these beautiful wallpaper !

    But it’s bad for Hana to yume ;_;

    Good luck !

    • Hey !

      Cool !beautiful wallp and site ^^
      but where wallp from sho-comi (shogakukan) ;_;

      Thanks and good luck !!

      • Sho-comi basically requires you to have a subscription. It’s a quiz question type like Hana Yume was, and the answer comes out of the magazine. The actual question was also an image, and for someone who isn’t fluent in Japanese, it couldn’t be put through a translator.

  • Sorry, it’s : kamisama hajimemashita ^^’

  • Hello !

    Thank you for these beautiful wallpapers!^o^
    But it’s sad for Hana to yume-_-
    especially for a particular series that I liked: Kamisama hakimashita
    and I would see more wallpaper.

    Good luck! ^^

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