Short Takes on Recent Shoujo Releases

I’ve been way behind on reviews due to having to train for my new position in the fall. So I thought I’d just give you some feedback on what I’ve read and go into more in-depth reviews as I get to them. I’ve read all the new releases up to this month, so I’ll just give you my gut response on the first volumes and you can take it, or wait for the longer reviews later.

He's My Only Vampire - December 16 First up, He’s My Only Vampire by Aya Shouoto.
I’ve read the first three volumes of this series. Like Kiss of the Rose Princess it’s got some great humor in it as well as that supernatural aura. The really steamy scenes between Aki and Kana are tantalizingly fun to read. However, I think it speaks for a lot that I like one of the side characters better than the main protagonists. That wolf-boy is so cute and funny. I’m still on the fence as to whether this is something I want to collect to reread again. The plot is unraveling fast and I’m sooo done with vampires.



Let's Dance the Waltz - April 7

Next up is Let’s Dance a Waltz by Natsumi Ando.
I’ve read the first two volumes of this series, and I can’t get enough. I really enjoy the dancing scenes, and the main character has made great progress self-confidence wise in the story. The main love interest is getting more engaged with the story as well, so I can’t wait for the next volume. Definitely something I will continue to read.




AMB_cover1After that came The Ancient Magus’ Bride by Kore Yamazaki.
I’ve only read the first volume of this, and it starts out with a lot of exposition. It’s definitely not your typical shoujo fluffy manga. There is a lot of world building and character development that has to happen in the first volume. But if you’re a fan of fantasy you’ll most assuredly want to pick this title up. I need to read a couple more volumes before I settle on a verdict for this one for myself.




SCIH_cover1Let’s see, next is So Cute It Hurts!! by Go Ikeyamada.
This really deserves a longer review, being a brand new mangaka we just got. But if you’re trying to decide whether to pick it up, just go for it. The story is funny and emotional at the same time. Plus, you can’t miss out on the twin gender-bending action. My favorite part of volume one was when the boy twin starts learning sign language for his love interest – that’s so sweet! I’m looking forward to more of this story as soon as we can get it.




Demon Prince of Momochi House - July 7

Finally is The Demon Prince of Momochi House by Aya Shouoto.
I’ll admit, with my experience with the first two series, I went into this story hesitantly. It’s got a lot of the same – supernatural bishies, a girl with a magical problem – it’s like Shouoto’s calling card. So far I like the main boy Aoi and his naivete due to being trapped at Momochi House. That side of his personality makes him a lot more endearing than Shouoto’s previous boys, despite his supernatural abilities. Main girl Himari has a lot more gumption than say, Kana from HMOV, she’s more outgoing like Anise from Kiss of RP. This series reminds me A LOT of Kamisama Kiss in regards to the broken down house and the supernatural harem aspect. So if you like that series, then you definitely need to pick up this one as well. I’m going to give it a few more volumes and see how it goes.


I’m still waiting on my copy of First Love Monster so I’ll get to that one eventually. I will be working on the longer reviews for these series as I get to them. I hope this will help tide you over for now! Arigatou!

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  • Laura, what are you training for? And Momochi House is strikingly similar to Kamisama. Tomoe’s practically on the cover lol. I’m loving The Ancient Magus’s Bride and recently picked up Strobe Edge and am really enjoying it. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • I start a new position in the fall teaching digital graphics and animation at a local high school. I was not familiar with the animation program that we use to teach it, so I had to have training in the program, Maya, which is used professionally in the animation industry. So now I know how to build characters and vehicles and rig them for digital animation. Kind of cool, no? 🙂

      I knew you’d recognize Tomoe! haha! I’m glad you’re liking Strobe Edge. Do pick up Dengeki Daisy as well. I think you’ll really like it.

      • Wow that’s super cool!!! Will you go into the history of animation too? And lol I already have the first 2 volumes of Dengeki. Can’t wait to start it since so many people love it.

        • Very brief intro to history of animation. We’re designing original characters and modeling and animating. That’s the core of the class.

          Glad you’re finding more you are enjoying reading. 🙂

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