Shoujo News Round-Up: July 20-31

In cased you missed the latest shoujo news, here is what’s going on in the community:


Princess Jellyfish on cover of Kiss magazine

Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime) fans rejoice! Akiko Higashimura is resuming the manga after going on hiatus. The last chapter to be published in Kodansha’s Kiss was in December 2014. The first chapter, since ending her hiatus, was published July 25 in the September issue.


Akai Ito teaser

Kaho Miyasaka, creator of Kare First Love, published the final chapter of her manga, Akai Ito, July 24 in Cheese! magazine. According to Anime News Network, the manga “centers around a girl who serves as her school’s sword-fighting kendō team manger. She is feared by those around her for her strict attitude, even though she is completely devoted to her team. She has feelings for the boys around her — but one is a polar opposite of her, another thinks of her as his little sister, and still another kissed someone in front of her. And then there are the aces on the other schools’ teams.” She is publishing a spinoff called 1/100,000 which will be published on Aug. 24 in the magazine’s October issue.


Cast of Heroine Shikkaku

Momoko Kouda’s manga Failure as a Heroine (Heroine Shikkaku) is being adapted into a live-action film. The official website released a 30-second teaser last week. According to Anime News Network, “The romantic comedy centers around a high school girl named Hatori Matsuzaki who firmly believes that she has to marry her childhood friend, Rita Terasaka, someday. Kōsuke Hiromitsu, the most popular boy in school, completes the love triangle.” The film is set to be released in Japan in September.

Blue Spring Ride anime ~ Sentai Filmworks

Blue Spring Ride anime ~ Sentai Filmworks

Sentai Filmworks is releasing several anime films and shows, including two shoujo anime: Blue Spring Ride Complete Collection and La Corda D’Oro ~ Blue Sky Season 2.

Orange manga Japanese version

Orange manga Japanese version

Orange, a shoujo manga by Ichigo Takano, ends in Futabasha’s October issue of Monthly Action. The first volume of the manga will be printed in English by Seven Seas Entertainment in January 2016, and is currently digitally published on Crunchyroll.



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