Skyblue Shore – Nanpei Yamada

A new title from Tokyopop with a flare of the beach that’s sure to please shojo romance fans. Read more to find out what spurs the Tanaka brothers’ attraction to fun-loving Tomo.

The Gist: Tomo is a high school girl who has vivid childhood memories of the ocean. When harassed by a pervert on the bus to school, she is rescued by an attractive guy who reminds her of the ocean. After arriving at school she discovers the connection between her childhood memories and the mysterious stranger, Riku Tanaka. He and his brother, Tento, find themselves both drawn to Tomo.

Characters/Romance: Tomo is a very sunny, outgoing personality. The Tanaka brothers really like that about her. Riku, the oldest brother, works at the school. He has a very outgoing personality as well. The younger brother, Tento, is a quieter, gentler personality. Tomo seems to have older guy syndrome, but I suspect that Tento will eventually become closer to her as the story progresses. No PDA (public displays of affection) in this volume, but some great emotional scenes do play out.

Artwork: I find Yamada’s character style pleasant. There are some token shojo scenes within the first volume that display Yamada’s ability to draw everything from school uniforms, to swimsuits, to yukata. Most of the characters are drawn very attractive, with the exception of Tomo being more average, tomboy looking. The panels are very busy. The amount of dialogue takes up a lot of space, and trying to fit it amongst the images had to be challenging.

Audience: Tokyopop rates this one Older Teen. Best for the older shojo audience, due to complex relationships and topics.

Heart of Manga Rating: ♥♥♥ Recommend.

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