Wolf Girl & Black Prince – Fall Anime 2014 [Update!]

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, translated to Wolf Girl & Black Prince, is a shoujo manga by Ayuko Hatta currently running in Betsuma shoujo magazine. It has been made into an anime by TYO Animations that will be premiering on television station Tokyo MX October 5, 2014. It was announced on 10/4 that this series would be simulcast on Crunchyroll. Woohoo!

What’s It About?

The story centers on a 16-year-old high school girl Erika Shinohara. She’s always showing off by talking about love stories with her boyfriend to fit in with her friends. But the truth is that she has never had a boyfriend in her entire life. One day she takes a secret pic of a good-looking guy she sees in town. Then she brags of it to her friends claiming he’s her boyfriend. However, she soon learns the boy is Kyoya Sata, a guy in the same grade as her at school. When he finds out what Erika’s done, he agrees to keep the secret and pretend as her boyfriend for her. But he has conditions –  in return she must be his “dog” and call him master.

The relationship of Erika and Kyoya is entertaining, if only because it plays the perfect S & M stereotypes. Kyoya is the sadistic, twisted guy who finds pleasure in embarrassing Erika, and Erika the masochist, tends to take what he dishes out in order to avoid losing face with her friends. They never expect that their fake relationship might develop into something real. And there in lies the fun in watching this couple spar romantically. With such superb artwork from the mangaka, I’m looking forward to seeing this series transition to the screen.

Here are the PVs for the fall anime:

Character designs:





Erika Shinohara

 Ayumi_fullKyoya Sata


Ayumi_head Marin_head

Ayumi Sanda

Marin Tachibana

Takeru_full Aki_full

Takeru_head Aki_head

 Aki Tezuka

 Takeru Hibiya

Cast and Crew:

Director –  Kenichi Kasai (Love Stage!!)

Series composition/scenarios – Sawako Hirabayashi (Kuroko’s BasketballWatamote)

Character design/Chief animation director – Maki Fujioka (La Corda d’Oro series)


Erika Shinohara – Kanae Ito

Kyoya Sata – Takahiro Sakurai

Ayumi Sanda – Ai Kayano

Marin Tachibana – Mariya Ise

Takeru Hibiya – Yoshimasa Hosoya

Aki Tezuka – Mikako Komatsu


Episodes start premiering on Crunchyroll at 8:30 am PST, Sunday, October 5th.

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