Memorable Manga Moments – M³: Shinobi Life

Anyone need a laugh today? Recently I was going back through Shinobi Life as I reviewed the third volume. I remembered that the first volume had some humorous moments and this was one of the best.

To put things in context, the ninja Kagetora has just time traveled through a few centuries to the present time. He thinks that the girl here, Beni, is actually his beloved princess from history. Beni thinks that Kagetora was hired by her father as a body guard.

Shinobi Life Vol. 1 Ch. 2

When Beni wakes up the first morning after Kagetora arrives in the present, she finds him hanging above her bed guarding her. She freaks out when she discovers that Kagetora is always guarding her secretly, even when she’s changing. (Duh – He is a ninja!) When Kagetora notices Beni’s weird attire, he tries to remove her loin cloth. Pfft! Leave it to a ninja to get off a girl’s thong without removing her clothes!

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