New on Shoujo Shelves – May 2017

May – time for school to be finishing up and even some days off.  Looks like some good books will be out this month for that free time. Let’s see what is new on shelves for May.

We’re getting a new series from Seven Seas this month – Dreamin’ Sun – by Ichigo Takano, the same mangaka that wrote Orange.  More digital volumes from Kodansha, and oooh, another volume of Ten Count.  Let’s see what other series are continuing in the month of May:

Editor’s Note: If you come to this list and find something that’s not classified as shoujo, that’s because there are fewer and fewer titles that are strictly shoujo. We are trying to highlight new titles that girls or shoujo fans would be interested in knowing about.

Kodansha Digital

Ace of the Diamond, vol. 3

Seido High’s team is without an ace, and so a game between the first-years and the upperclassmen is held to uncover new talent. The upperclassmen team’s overwhelming strength and ability is about to utterly destroy the first-year team’s will when Eijun steps up to recover the team’s morale. Seeing his determination to work toward victory, the coach finally decides to put Eijun on the mound. Eijun’s excitement at finally getting to pitch hits a stumbling block when he comes up against his roommate, upperclassman Masuko. Will Eijun finally understand the harsh reality of being kicked off the varsity team through his head-to-head battle against Masuko?!

Story and art by Yuji Terajima.

Release Date: 5/02/17

Anonymous Noise, vol. 2

Nino Arisugawa, a girl who loves to sing, experiences her first heart-wrenching goodbye when her beloved childhood friend, Momo, moves away. And after Nino befriends Yuzu, a music composer, she experiences another sad parting! Luckily, she reunites with Yuzu in high school, but Nino still yearns to see Momo again. In a bid to get Momo’s attention somehow, Nino strives to improve her singing skills. She soon lands an audition that’s being held by a “Momo Kiryu”—could he be her Momo?!

Story and art by Ryoko Fukuyama.

Release Date: 5/02/17


Dreamin’ Sun, vol. 1  **New Series**

Shimana Kameko lives in a home where she feels she doesn’t belong. Her mother is dead, her father has remarried, and her six-month-old baby brother takes up everyone’s attention. Kameko skips school and runs away to a nearby park, where she literally stumbles over a mysterious man in a kimono. The stranger, Fujiwara Taiga, offers Kameko a place to stay on three conditions. The first condition is that Kameko tell him why she ran away from home. The second is that she fetch the stranger’s lost apartment key (he is locked out!). The third condition is to have a dream. Kameko meets the conditions, moves in, and begins a journey of romance and self-discovery.
Story and art by Ichigo Takano.

Release Date: 5/2/17

Kodansha Digital

House of the Sun, vol. 5

After her father gets remarried, Mao feels like she no longer has a home and ends up moving in with Hiro, her childhood friend. Mao falls in love with Hiro, who is kind and takes care of her. Aiming to become self-reliant she gets a part-time job with Daiki, who is home for the summer break. Hiro’s been acting strange, and so, at the fireworks festival Mao inadvertently ends up asking him if he likes her! Emotions are stirring up for everyone, including Hiro’s little brother Daiki.

Story and art by Taamo.

Release Date:  5/23/17

Kiss and White Lily for My Dearest Girl, vol. 2

In the same grade as Shiramine and Kurosawa, the two girls Uehara and Kusakabe are in a pinch! Their beloved upperclassman’s graduation comes ever closer and they can’t seem to sort out their feelings. At a time like this, their junior shows up, somehow making all these relationships even more complicated!

Story and art by Canno.

Release Date:  5/23/17

Maid-Sama!, vol. 15-16

Misaki continues to realize just how different her and Usui’s family backgrounds are after witnessing a huge party thrown for Usui’s birthday… And later, a mysterious newcomer appears at Maid Latte—someone who stirs up a lot of mixed emotions in Misaki!  Maid-sama! 2-in-1 Edition Manga Volume 8 collects volumes 15 and 16 .

Story and art by Hiro Fujiwara.

Release Date: 5/02/17

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, vol. 7

Is there love in the air, or has everyone just gone plain loony?!

Has Chiyo’s affection for her brusque shoujo manga-ka beloved finally soured?! She’s suddenly extorting Nozaki…and plotting his destruction in the tournament ball game…! The absurdity doesn’t end there, as Wakamatsu confesses his love to Seo, the person he dislikes most…! Even Yukari starts an “adult” relationship with hilarious consequences…! Is no one safe from the crazy going around?!

Story and art by Izumi Tsubaki.

Release Date:  5/23/17

Missions of Love, vol. 14

Have Yukina’s missions finally provided an opportunity for her to fall in love!? With her relationship with Shigure hurting what’s in store for Yukina next? The story continues in this latest volume.

Story by Ema Toyama.

Release Date: Moved to 5/23/17  (Maybe we”ll get it this month)

My Love Story!!, vol. 12

Takeo Goda is a giant guy with a giant heart. Too bad the girls don’t want him! (They want his good-looking best friend, Sunakawa.) Used to being on the sidelines, Takeo simply stands tall and accepts his fate. But one day when he saves a girl named Yamato from a harasser on the train, his (love!) life suddenly takes an incredible turn!

Story by Kazune Kawahara and art by Aruko.

Release Date: 5/2/17

Sweetness & Lightning, vol. 6

The culinary creations and heartwarming story continues in Volume 6 of Sweetness and Lightning where each chapter ends with a recipe that includes detailed illustrated advice on executing modern Japanese cuisine.

Story and art by Gido Amagakure.

Release Date: 5/30/17

Ten Count, vol. 4

At the mercy of Kurose’s hands and words, Shirotani finally hears the full reason Kurose fell in love with him. The truth is such a surprise that Shirotani runs away from him in shock, and it isn’t long before his body starts aching for Kurose’s touch, causing Shirotani to soothe his own desire. But in doing so, he scares up memories of the traumatic event at the core of his compulsion.

Story and art by Rihito Takarai.

Release Date: 5/9/17

Kodansha Digital

Tokyo Tarareba Girls, vol. 3

“What if I had done this … ” “What if things had been different … ”

After wasting so much time spinning hypotheticals at their What-If Girls’ nights out, the girls realize they’ve ended up thirty-something women at one of life’s critical junctures. One-night stands? Being the other woman? Even when they do find romance, it’s not like it was when they were in their twenties …

Story and art by Akiko Higashimura.

Release Date: 5/9/17

Welcome to the Ballroom, vol. 5

Fujita has immersed himself into the high-octane world of competitive dance! The story continues in Welcome to the Ballroom Volume 5.

Story and art by Tomo Takeuchi.

Release Date: 5/23/17

What titles have you been buying this month?

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  • This list is awesome! Do you have any recommendations for a 13 year old hopeless romantic?

    • This is a recommendation guide I made for readers a while back. For your age I suggest Beauty Pop, older titles by Arina Tanemura like Full Moon or Gentleman’s Alliance, anything by Maki Minami or Mecca Tanaka, and Kitchen Princess and Gakuen Alice if you can find them anywhere. My favorite shoujo manga for a younger audience is Hana Kimi.

  • There is a mistake on your list. For Tokyo Tarareba Girls, vol. 3 you have the wrong information. Also what about volume 5 for Everyone’s Getting Married by Izumi Miyazono? It is released on May 6. Can’t wait to buy Dreamin’ Sun later this month.

    • Thanks! It’s all corrected.

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