Shoujo License Request: Suki-tte li na yo – Kanae Hazuki

Usually I don’t have time to follow the airing anime season. This time I’ve made an exception for a shoujo series that’s been on my radar for a while now. After watching the first few episodes, I’m pretty positive that the anime won’t be covering the whole story like so many other shoujo anime. So I’m requesting the manga license for those of us who want to keep following the story of Mei and Yamato.

The Gist: Mei Tachibana has isolated herself from her classmates since elementary school as a protection from being betrayed. This has made her a target for teasing and bullying. Now in high school Mei has drawn the attention of popular boy Yamato Kurosawa, who steals her first kiss. Mei tries to learn to trust others and make new friends. Yamato seeks to become more genuine like Mei. Yet rivals and past events continue to create obstacles for their budding relationship.

Cover Vol. 1

The “Give Me” Factor: This series reminds me a lot of Kimi ni Todoke, yet Hazuki focuses on the more hormonal side of teens in Suki-tte li na yo. Yamato isn’t afraid to put the moves on Mei. The rest of the teens are in intimate relationships. Hazuki addresses the topics of “friends with benefits” and shows how unfulfilling that type of relationship can be, as well as how sleeping with someone you don’t love out of sympathy can lead to future regrets. I think these are important ideas for teens to consider and I like the way Hazuki presents them through the relationships in the series. Mei and Yamato’s relationship is just cute to watch as well!

First Introduction - Paneling

Yamato Sees Stars – Paneling

 The Prospective Audience: This series is definitely for a shoujo audience. It would probably fair as well as Kimi ni Todoke or High School Debut. Already having an anime will encourage those who want to find out more about Mei and Yamato to finish the series once the anime has run its course.

Current episodes of Suki-tte li na yo can bee seen on Crunchyroll.

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  • I really like this series, I just started watching the anime, which is pretty faithful. I would definitely buy this for the shoujo collection! There are way too many I want though, but this, love so life, hapi mari, hana to akuma, ao haru ride and midnight secretary are the ones that should be available to all shoujo/josei fans.

  • I’m digging the anime, but I really still can’t see what has drawn Yamato to Mei. In the first episode I liked her a lot, she seemed strong and independent. After that she got withdrawn and quiet and hopefully she is a little less lame in the manga. I’d definitely pick up the manga format to find out though.

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