Shoujo Wallpapers for April 2017

New wallpapers of your favorite shoujo series! Here are the latest images from japanese mangaka for your desktop or mobile device. Some manga magazines post multiple per month. I claim no right to these images and only provide links to make them easy to find. All images are copyright the artist and publisher.

I will put an image of the wallpaper and that should link you to the largest size. If you would want smaller sizes for portable devices I will add a link to the actual site, and you can download from there. Enjoy!


Wallpaper for Mobile Device

Te o Tsunagouyo (Let’s Hold Hands)

(Amu Meguro’s New Series)


Spice and Custard

(Maki Usami’s New Series)


Kimi to Dake wa Koi ni Ochinai

Tsubasa to Hotaru


Short Cake Cake


Hirunaka no Ryuusei


Wallpaper for mobile device

Coffee & Vanilla


Made in Honey

(Mari Yoshino’s New Series)


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