Supernatural Shoujo Manga Guide – 2017

I’m looking for new series to read all the time. If you are a voracious reader, like I am, you can read an entire 20+ series in a week. I see all the time where readers are begging for recommendations on tumblr. So I thought it would be helpful to have a list of series that are licensed in English for fans to reference.

This list includes available titles from all publishers in North America. It DOES NOT include non-licensed titles only published in Japan. Each title will have a link to the series on the publisher’s site. I will also include any titles at the end of the list that fit the category and have previously been published in NA, but may be out of print at this point. Also included are digital-only titles.

Alright, onto the list. Here are the titles that fall in the Supernatural genre of manga available in English in North America:

Title Author Publisher Format Review
@Full Moon Sanami Matoh Kodansha Digital
Ancient Magus’ Bride Kore Yamazaki Seven Seas Print & Digital
Alice 19th Yuu Watase Viz Print & Digital
Angel Sanctuary Kaori Yuki Viz Digital
Ani-Imo Haruko Kurumatani Yen Press Print
Beasts of Abigaile Aoki Spica Seven Seas Print & Digital
The Betrayal Knows My Name Odagiri Hotaru Yen Press Print & Digital
Black Bird Kanoko Sakurakoji Viz Print & Digital
Black Rose Alice Setona Mizushiro Viz Print & Digital
Blood Alone Masayuki Takano Seven Seas Print
Bloody + Mary Akaza Samamiya Viz Print & Digital
The Cain Saga Kaori Yuki Viz Print & Digital
Cardcaptor Sakura CLAMP Dark Horse Print & Digital
Ceres Celestial Legend Yuu Watase Viz Digital
Chibi Vampire Yuna Kagesaki Viz Digital
Clover CLAMP Dark Horse Print & Digital
Demon From Afar Kaori Yuki Yen Press Print
Demon Love Spell Mayu Shinjo Viz Print & Digital
The Demon Prince of Momochi House Aya Shouoto Viz Print & Digital
Descendants of Darkness Yoko Matsushita Viz Print
The Earl & the Fairy Mizue Tani & Ayuko Viz Print & Digital
Fairy Tail Blue Mistral Rui Watanabi Kodansha Print & Digital
From Far Away Kyoko Hikawa Viz Digital
Fruits Basket Natsumi Takaya Yen Press Print
Full Moon Arina Tanemura Viz Digital
Fushigi Yugi Yuu Watase Viz Print & Digital
Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden Yuu Watase Viz Print & Digital
Grand Guignol Orchestra Kaori Yuki Viz Digital
He’s My Only Vampire Aya Shouoto Yen Press Print
Honey Blood Miko Mitsuki Viz Print & Digital
Idol Dreams Arina Tanemura Viz Print & Digital
Inu x Boku Secret Service Coco Fujiwara Yen Press Print
Jiu Jiu Touya Tobina Viz Print & Digital
Kamisama Kiss Julietta Suzuki Viz Print & Digital
Kasane Daruma Matsuura Kodansha Digital
Kieli Yukako Kabei & Shiori Teshirogi Yen Press Print
Kiss of the Rose Princess Aya Shouoto Viz Print & Digital
Kobato CLAMP Yen Press Print
Liselotte & Witch’s Forest Natsuki Takaya Yen Press Print
Loveless Yun Kouga Viz Print
MeruPuri Matsuri Hino Viz Digital
Meteor Prince Mecca Tanaka Viz Print & Digital
Midnight Secretary Tomu Ohmi Viz Print & Digital
Millennium Snow Bisco Hatori Viz Print & Digital
Moon Boy Lee Young-you Yen Press Print & Digital
Natsume’s Book of Friends Yuki Midorikawa Viz Print & Digital
Phantom Thief Jeanne Arina Tanemura Viz Print & Digital
Please Save My Earth Saki Hiwatari Viz Digital
QQ Sweeper Kyousuke Motomi Viz Print & Digital
Queen’s Quality Kyousuke Motomi Viz Print & Digital
Rasetsu Chika Shiomi Viz Print & Digital
Sailor Moon Naoko Takeuchi Kodansha Print & Digital
Sakura Hime Arina Tanemura Viz Print & Digital
Sarasah Ryu Ryang Yen Press Print
Shugo Chara! Peach-Pit Kodansha Digital
Shuriken and Pleats Matsuri Hino Viz Print & Digital
Spell of Desire Tomu Ohmi Viz Print & Digital
St. Dragon Girl Natsumi Matsumoto Viz Print & Digital
Sweet Rein Sakura Tsukuba Viz Print & Digital
That Wolf-Boy is Mine! Yoko Nogiri Kodansha Print & Digital
Time Stranger Kyoko Arina Tanemura Viz Digital
Tokyo Mew Mew Reiko Yoshida & Mia Ikumi Kodansha Print & Digital
Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode Mia Ikumi Kodansha Print & Digital
Until the Full Moon Sanami Matoh Kodansha Digital
Vampire Knight Matsuri Hino Viz Print & Digital
Vampire Knight Memories Matsuri Hino Viz Print & Digital
The Water Dragon’s Bride Rei Viz Print & Digital
X CLAMP Viz Digital
Yona of the Dawn Mizuho Kusanagi Viz Print & Digital
Yurara Chika Shiomi Viz Print & Digital
Yukarism Chika Shiomi Viz Print & Digital
Zombie-Loan Peach-Pit Yen Press Print

Out of Print Titles

Title Author Publisher Format Review
Afterschool Nightmare Setona Mizushiro Go!Comi Print
Alice Academy Higuchi Tachibana Tokyopop Print
Canon Chika Shiomi CMX Print
D N Angel Yukiru Sugisaki Tokyopop Print
Ghost Hunt Fuyumi Ono Del Rey Print
Hell Girl Miyuki Etou Del Rey Print
Her Majesty’s Dog Mick Takeuchi Go! Comi Print
Land of the Blindfolded Sakura Tsukuba CMX Print
Lizard Prince Asuka Izumi CMX Print
Model Lee So-young Tokyopop Print
Momogumi Plus Senki Eri Sakondou Tokyopop Print
Moon Child Reiko Shimizu CMX Print
Night of the Beasts Chika Shiomi Go!Comi Print
Omukae Desu Mecca Tanaka CMX Print
Palette of 12 Secret Colors Nari Kusakawa CMX Print
Penguin Revolution Sakura Tsukuba CMX Print
Pichi Pichi Pitch Michiko Yokote & Pink Hanamori Del Rey Print
Phantom Dream Natsuki Takaya Tokyopop Print
Two Flowers for the Dragon Nari Kusakawa CMX Print

Out of Print titles can still be found on resale sites like amazon and ebay, so if it interests you, go look for it. Also, if you have a favorite supernatural series that is shoujo and is not listed – please help us out in the comments so we can include it.

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  • Wow, thanks so much for this list!!
    I actually have a request. I adored Stroge Edge (and all of Io’s works) and I’m desperately looking for “Unrequited love becomes Requited Love” from the girl’s pov. I’d prefer the love interest to not be an ass (Itazura/Ookami Shoujo). Can be any genre. If you know any, whether licensed in English or not, that would be amazing! Thank you sooooo much!

  • Thank you very much for making a list like this. Its so hard to browse through and just find series in general to try and no ones ever really just made a cohesive list to make it easier to find and you cant really depend on search results because they tend to bundle just “romances” all together. Such a great idea and Im totally gonna use this list! Thanks!

    • You are very welcome! I see the same thing all the time. Even publishers don’t sort their manga into sub-categories so you end up with all the “romance” in one area. There are a lot of different types of romance.

  • This is awesome! Can you make lists for other kinds?

    My favourites are Full Moon o Sagashite (a classic!) and Palette of 12 Secret Colours. I read “Palette” over and over again … I had to buy it used, though, because it’s out of print. It’s such an original story! I also remember really enjoying Land of the Blindfolded back in the day when I got it from the library. Right now I’m really liking Yona of the Dawn and Idol Dreams.

    • That’s the plan. I will have a list for another genre next week.

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