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Collar x Malice Review

It’s LeafyGreen back again with another otome game review! I’ve been busy with daily life, but I won’t give up my gaming life. This is one of the titles I’ve recently played that I’m sure you’ll want to check out. It’s called Collar x Malice by Idea Factory. Summary by Aksys Games: A dangerous shadow organization launches a campaign...

From Japan: Tsubaki-Chou Lonely Planet, Takane to Hana, and Your Color on Lip

Here’s what I’ve currently been reading from Japan for the past couple of months. I have already written up license requests for Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet and Takane to Hana. Your Color on Lip is a short two volumes series that I really, really loved! Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet – Mika Yamamori Tsubaki-chou is the name of the residence that main...
2017 Shoujo and Josei License Announcements
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