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Manga Short-takes: Devils’ Line, Hotaru’s Way, & Kigurumi Guardians

Here are some manga reviews for the short holiday break. Recent series and some longer running ones that I just ...
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News Roundup: Oct. 31-Nov. 10, 2017

Crunchyroll will be introducing foreign-langauge dubs to its catalog for its premium members. They are also streaming IDOLiSH7 and continuously ...
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News Roundup: Oct. 20-30, 2017

Free!’s third season has been confirmed and will premiere summer 2018. The mobile app, Yuuwaku Office Lover 2, is getting ...
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News Roundup: Oct. 13-20, 2017

Moyoco Anno, the manga artist for manga including Sakuran and Sugar Sugar Rune, has created a 2018 pinup calendar featuring ...
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