I’m too busy playing Persona 5

This last week I’ve been way too overloaded with responsibilities. Then when I do have a free moment my significant other is stealing me away to play Atlus’s new release of Persona 5.

Persona 5 hooked me from the opening by the way, because the animation is directed by Sayo Yamamoto, the same director as Yuri on Ice, and there’s some YOI homage in the Persona 5 opening.

The gameplay so far has been a blast, and I am totally in love with the art style and art work of this game. The story arcs are interesting and the characters are quirky enough to be entertaining. We’ve gotten through five months of the game in two weeks by playing a couple hours in the evening, and we’ve still got loads more to do.

So if you’re wondering why there’s no manga reviews lately, you can blame Yamamoto and the game designers at Atlus.  I’ve been too busy playing Persona 5 to do anything else in the evenings!


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Super mom and teacher until the kids go to bed, then romance manga addict and writer until the caffeine wears out! Specializes in the shoujo and josei genre of manga and anime.
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