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Princess is published by Akita Shoten on a monthly basis. The previous titles in Princess that have been licensed here in North America were from now defunct publishers like CMX, TokyoPop, and Go!Comi. The current titles are being licensed by Viz and Yen Press.

Which series that we’ve gotten in North America have been in Princess? We’ve gotten tons of titles from Princess thanks to CMX and Go!Comi throwing them at us. Some of the ones I’ve read or have heard of include Afterschool Nightmare, Tenshi ja Nai, Shinobi Life, Platinum Garden, From Eroica With Love, Dragon Girl, and A-I Revolution. What about now? Princess titles are still coming on strong. Here’s what’s currently running in Princess:

ouke no monshouOuke no Monshou

(Crest of the Royal Family)

Chieko Hosokawa

Mekyuu LabyrinthMeikyuu Romantica

(Romantic Labyrinth)

Saki Aikawa

Tableau GateTableau Gate

(Tablet Gate)

Rika Suzuki

Hana yori mo Yaiba GotokuHana yori mo Yaiba no Gotoku

(The Blade Rather Than the Flower)

Mika Kajima

Hoshikuzu HoneyHoshikuzu Honey

(Stardust Honey)

Maki Fujita

Seishun Shonbori ClubSeishun Shonbori Club

(Crestfallen Youth Club)

Nikki Asada

Hizamazuite Kutsu o NameroHizamazuite Kutsu o Namero

(Kneel Down and Lick My Shoes)

Ai Tenkawa

Meiji Shitsugyou ninpouchou - Jaja Uma Shukun to Risutora NinjaMeiji Shitsugyou Ninpouchou – Jaja Uma Shukun to Risutora Ninja

(Unemployment of the Meji Era – The Shrew Lord and the Restructuring of the Ninja)

Sayaka Sugiyama

Hakuba ga OujisamaHakuba ga Ouji-sama

(Prince Hakuba)

Kimeko Abekawa

Devi * RockDevi * Rock

Ringo Naki


Aqua Mizuto

Shikabane CherryShikabane Cherry

Shoko Konami


Tabi no UtautaiTabi no Utautai

Tomoko Nagaike

Barao no SouretsuBaraou no Souretsu

(Requiem for the Rose King)

Aya Kanno

Hebi to Maria to Otsuki-samaHebi to Maria to Otsukisama

(Maria, The Moon, and The Snake)

Sanae Uno

Koukyuu Days - Shichi kuni MonogatariKoukyuu Days – Shichi Kuni Monogatari

(Harem Days – Story of the Seven-Starred Country)

Momo Sumomo

Mitsugu-kun no Suki na HitoMitsugu-kun no Suki na Hito

(Mitsugu-kun’s Favorite People)

Kotoko Shiroba

Oshiire no ShounenOshiire no Shounen

(Boy’s Closet)

Yousuke Takahashi and Mimori

Kemono OnsenKemono Onsen no Kemono Sou

(Beast Hotspring and the Inn of Outcasts)

Delico Psyche

Yosh! That’s what currently running in Princess. There are always short stories and one shots of course. These are the main series you will see that are ongoing.

So which of these series that’s non-licensed would I like to see? Well, we’re getting Baraou no Souretsu, so that’s off the list. Koukyuu Days looks good as does Meikyuu Romantica, Hana yori mo Yaiba no Gotoku and Hoshikuzu Honey. I’m really intrigued by Hizamazuite Kutsu o Namero thanks to the title.

How about you? Anything look interesting? What would you like to read?

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  • Really excited to get to read Requiem for the Rose King! Thank you Viz!

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