Wolf Girl & Black Prince – Fall Anime 2014


Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, translated to Wolf Girl & Black Prince, is a shoujo manga by Ayuko Hatta currently running in Betsuma shoujo magazine. It has been made into an anime by TYO Animations that will be premiering on television station Tokyo MX October 5, 2014. Right now we’re waiting to find out if it will be picked up for simulcast.

Blue Spring Ride Episode 12 – “Yoshioka, Arigatou.”

Under Same Sky

The final episode of “Blue Spring Ride” begins with Kou and Futaba finally arriving at the same point emotionally. That’s why I like this imagery of them being under the same sky. They may not be facing each other yet, but their thoughts are on the same wavelength. That’s why the title of this post quotes what Kou says before they part as well. Because it’s thanks to Futaba Yoshioka that Kou has begun to move forward from his withdrawal and grief. 

Sho-Comi – Current Serializations


Sho-Comi, short for Shoujo Comic, is published by Shogakukan on a monthly basis. The titles in Sho-Comi that have been licensed here in North America are from Viz media, with an earlier one being picked up by TokyoPop.

Which series that we’ve gotten in North America have been in Sho-Comi? Ceres Celestial Legend, Fushigi Yugi, Alice 19thImadoki, Sensual Phrase, Absolute Boyfriend, Wild Act, Kare First Love, and Red River.  As you can see Yuu Watase dominates that list. And we haven’t gotten anything recently since Watase is now writing shounen. What about now, you say? What can we beg publishers for? Here’s what’s currently running in Sho-Comi:

Shoujo License Request: Ao Haru Ride by Io Sakisaka


Geez, I started this post umm, two years ago it looks like. I just never came back to it, because I thought, “Hey, we got Strobe Edge, guess we’ll get Ao Haru Ride.” But two years later, no Ao Haru Ride. Now with the anime finished and all these readers flocking to talk about the series, people want to read the manga. And do we have it here in North America – nope. WHHHYYYY???!!! I’m dying here!!!  Besides Japan, it’s been published in Germany, France, Italy, China and Poland.

So I’m really wanting to know if it’s a licensing issue, or if it’s on the table and hasn’t been finalized, or just isn’t announced yet. Throw us a bone, publishers! I’m looking at you, Viz!

Editor’s note: Apparently if we really want Ao Haru Ride, then we have to buy up Strobe Edge according to Shojo Beat. I’ve got my copies, how about you?

Blue Spring Ride Episode 11 – “Like a Storm”

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 9.01.08 PM


I love how at the end of Kou’s flashback which they posture as a dream, Kou recalls Futaba’s face as she’s running. All those agonizing memories of his mother and at the end comes Futaba running at him. It’s a great metaphor for this episode.