Hana to Yume – Current Serializations


Just for fun I thought I’d create posts on what’s currently running in Japan. That way I can have pages on each magazine and update them as they change.

I’m starting with one of my favorites – Hana to Yume. Hana to Yume is published by Hakusensha on a monthly basis. The titles in Hana to Yume that have been licensed here in North America are mostly from Viz.

Which popular series have been in Hana to Yume?   Fruits Basket, Hana-Kimi, SA, Skip Beat!, Oresama Teacher and Kamisama Kiss to name a few. That’s a great list of series, so I tend to keep up with what’s running in Hana to Yume regularly. I thought some of my readers might be interested as well. So here’s what’s currently running in Hana to Yume:

My Little Monster vol.1 – Robico


My Little Monster, taken from Tonari no Kaibatsu-kun, is a series by Robico that ran in Monthly Dessert magazine  from 2008 to 2013. It is being brought to North America by Kodansha USA. Volume 1 was released in March and volume 2 in May 2014.

The Gist: Shizuku only cares about her grades and nothing else. She has no friends and the only thing that matters to her is being top of the class. Her teacher requests that she take some printouts to a student that’s been expelled for rough behavior. She obliges in exchange for study materials. Said student Haru Yoshida is paranoid about school, and after determining that Shizuku is not a spy, he declares himself her friend. Shizuku’s presence is enough to get Haru to come back to school. There he follows her around like a puppy. Shizuku is dumbfounded by his behavior and more than annoyed by his interruption of her study regimen and his weird aggressive behavior. It’s even more perplexing when Haru declares he likes Shizuku and hugs her. Mixed signals fly between Haru and Shizuku and readers are left wondering… do they really like each other? are their feelings mutual?

Calling All Red-Haired Princesses!


So I’ve had this fantasy conspiracy theory for a while now. It goes something like this:

At some manga awards banquet or event, a group of editors got drunk together and had an argument about which of their manga-ka had the most successful series. After not being able to come to an agreement a challenge was issued. Who can write the best manga given a set of criteria?

Say I Love You vol. 1&2 – Kanae Hazuki


Say I Love You, or Sukitte Ii na yo, is an ongoing manga series by Kanae Hazuki being published in Monthly Dessert magazine by Kodansha since 2008. We’re getting the English translation here in North America from Kodansha USA. Volume 1 of the series debuted in April and volume 2 in June 2014.

The Gist: Mei Tachibana was bullied from a young age and closed herself off to others. Now in high school she has no friends and others pick on her because she’s isolated. Until one day when she decides to fight back. After a boy tries to grab her skirt on the stairs she retaliates with a roundhouse kick to his head. Only he ducks and she hits his friend Yamato instead. Thus begins the relationship between our two protagonists Mei and Yamato. Yamato, a popular guy, decides he likes Mei and she struggles with her own insecurity and acclimation to a social life.

Shoujo Wallpapers for July 2014


New wallpapers of your favorite shoujo series! Here are the latest images from japanese mangaka for your desktop or mobile device. Some manga magazines post multiple per month. I claim no right to these images and only provide links to make them easy to find. All images are copyright the artist and publisher. Enjoy!