On Hiatus for Now


Hello, all readers out there!

This is a personal note to let you know that I will be out of pocket for the next month or so, and will not be able to keep posts coming.  We are physically moving to a new house next week, and we still don’t know our internet provider, so it may take a few weeks to get service. Plus with all the packing and unpacking, I won’t have time to sit in front of my computer anyway.

Just wanted you guys to know I’m not disappearing forever. :-)  I’ll be back when things get settled. Happy reading in the meantime!


New on Shoujo Shelves – July 2013


We’re in the midst of summer with fireworks and festivals common in both North America and Japan. Looking for some love under the fireworks?  Here’s what’s come out on shoujo shelves for the month of July 2013:

Skip Beat MMF – Closing and Final Roundup

It has been a blast feasting on all things Skip Beat!!  I want to say thanks to all who participated.

I have one last minute submission from Jason S. Yadao at Otaku Ohana who gives Skip Beat! volumes 1-3 a shot and finds out that Kyoko is soooo entertaining to watch. Yay!

That’s all for the June MMF! I pass the torch to Melinda Beasi at Manga Bookshelf for the Yun Kouga feast next month.

Skip Beat! MMF – Saturday & Sunday Roundup

We’ve had a great time this week discussing everything Skip Beat! To wrap us up I’ve got a few more entries for the feast.

Lori Henderson over at Manga Xanadu reviews Skip Beat! volumes 1-11 for her Manga Dome Podcast Episode 11.

Here at Heart of Manga we’ve just finished our Skip Beat! roundtable discussion between Sean Gaffney and Michelle Smith of Manga Bookshelf, and Lori Henderson of Manga Xanadu. Lots to read there, and I hope others will contribute their opinions in the comments!

In case you missed the deadline, there will be one final roundup tomorrow evening – so get those submissions in ASAP!

Skip Beat! Roundtable with Sean, Lori, Michelle, and Laura


Skip Beat! fans abound, and four of us got together to discuss some of our favorite aspects of this long running shoujo series. Please welcome Sean Gaffney and Michelle Smith from Manga Bookshelf and Lori Henderson of Manga Xanadu. I thought I’d get us started off by asking where everyone is in the series.

When did you pick up Skip Beat! and how much have you read?

Skip Beat MMF – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Roundup

Well now, hadn’t done a daily roundup because I’ve had nothing to share, folks.  Finally got a NEW submission yesterday from Ash over on Experiments in Manga.

“Skip Beat! is a tremendous amount of fun,” states Ash after reading the first Skip Beat! Ominbus which contains volumes 1-3.  We’re with you Ash! We’ve been having a roundtable discussion about the series since Wednesday, and those of participating all agree on that point.

I’ll have the roundtable transcribed for everyone by the closing tomorrow. There’s one more day left! Final submissions are due Sunday, June 23rd.

Skip Beat MMF – Monday & Tuesday Roundup

We’ve had a few submissions trickle in for the Skip Beat! MMF.  Mostly archived reviews, so I’ll link you to the ones I’ve gotten and hopefully we’ll get some new submissions before the end of the week.

An interesting evaluation of Kyoko and Sho’s relationship comes from StarsMaria at ShojoCorner.

A thorough review of Skip Beat vol. 1 from Kristin at ComicAttack, as well as an overview of Skip Beat vol. 22.

Lori Henderson jumps in mid series and reviews Skip Beat! vol. 16 with gusto.

Finally, I’ll link you to one of my Skip Beat Memorable Moments –  Ren sees Kyoko acting as him at age 12 with his father!


Call for Contributions – Skip Beat! June MMF


Alright! It’s time to open up the Skip Beat! Moveable Manga Feast. Today is the first day and it will continue through Sunday June 23rd.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I discovered Skip Beat! thanks to the publisher Scholastic. As a teacher, schools have book fairs twice a year. In 2006, I had just gotten into manga, and Skip Beat! was actually a Viz title being sold at Scholastic book fairs. I bought and read volume one…and the rest is history.  Here we are seven years later and it’s still my favorite ongoing series.