Blue Spring Ride Episode 10 – “Walking Through Night”

Futaba's anxiety

That’s what we all wanted to know after the ending of the last episode. Kou and Yuuri were found by Futaba with guilty looks on their faces coming out of the same room downstairs. Futaba’s trying to second guess, like the audience, what went on between them.

Nakayoshi – Current Serializations


Nakayoshi is published by Kodansha on a monthly basis. The titles in Nakayoshi that have been licensed here in North America started with publishers that are now defunct like TokyoPop, CMX, and Del Rey. Most recently they are coming from Kodansha USA, being owned by Kodansha.

Which popular series have been in Nakayoshi?   Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, Shugo-Chara!, Arisa, Kitchen Princess, Cardcaptor Sakura, Missions of Love, and Magic Knight Rayearth to name a few. That’s a great list of series, right?  Well, what’s running now, you say? Here’s what’s currently running in Nakayoshi:

Blue Spring Ride Episode 9 – Oh, to be a potato!


BSR9 - Lone potatoEveryone who was watching this episode wishes they had the eyes of that potato there. It’s in the room that causes the biggest commotion this episode. We all wish we saw what happened. But how did we end up with potatoes in the first place?

Spell of Desire vol. 1 – Tomu Ohmi


Spell of Desire, translated from Maho no Biyaku, was published in Petit Comic josei manga magazine from 2011-2013. Originally published by Shogakukan in 5 volumes, it has been picked up by Shojo Beat and we have received volume one as of August 2014.

Cheese! – Current Serializations


Cheese! is published by Shogakukan on a monthly basis. The titles in Cheese! that have been licensed here in North America are from Viz media.

Which series that we’ve gotten in North America have been in Cheese!? Not very many. The only ones we’ve seen are Hot Gimmick, Honey Hunt, and Dawn of the Arcana. Well, what about now, you say? What can we beg publishers for? Here’s what’s currently running in Cheese!: