Anime Boyfriends – Ideal 2D Guys for 3D Girls

This week we discuss anime boyfriends, regardless of genre. We’ll determine what we like in an anime boyfriend and disclose our favorites. Feel free to share with us your own ideal guys in the comments!

Laura: So how do we define the best anime boyfriend?

Adrienne: I reflected on this and realized that perhaps what I like in an anime boyfriend includes a bit more fantasy than real life. You would think it would be the nice and caring guys for me, but nope! Give me jerks with hearts of gold.

Laura: Haha! I bet we all have a different preference when it comes to guys, so defining what makes a best boyfriend is awfully tough. I seem to like the best-friend type of guys, which is kind of true for me in real life. I like the guys who see the girl as an equal. I was trying to think of which guys I would pick for an anime boyfriend and I came up with some that surprised me.  I also really go for the hurting or tragic back-story kind of guys. I guess that’s the nurturing side of me, but it makes for some interesting boyfriends.  So Adrienne, let’s hear your first specimen and what you like about them.

Is he cracking a smile?! Kyouya Sata from Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Is he cracking a smile?! Kyouya Sata from Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Adrienne: For me, Kyouya Sata from Wolf Girl and Black Prince is a pretty decent guy once we get to know him — but I like the relationship between him and Erika Shinohara from beginning to end. He is a pretty aloof guy, but shows his feelings through action. There is also Midorima from Kuroko no Basuke. His weird, aloof personality is actually really cute. I think I favor guys who appear aloof and control their emotions. That’s probably why I’m also a huge fan of Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto. Sasuke is one of those characters, you either love or hate. Tsundere characters are great. At the end of the day, these kinds of guys only show glimpses of their caring selves to very select people. It makes you feel more special.

Laura: Oh geez, Kyouya is sooo sadistic. I couldn’t date him, I’d end up slapping him all the time!  I like Sasuke, but more because he’s the type with the tragic story and you just want to nurture those guys. So who would I want as a boyfriend?

One of my ideal guys would be Kirito, or Kirigaya Kazuto, from Sword Art Online. He always has a positive perspective on things, and he treats Asuna as an equal in battle and in everyday living. He’s very considerate and loyal and makes his girl feel special, even when the other girls are drooling over him. I think my next favorite would be Shota Kazehaya from Kimi ni Todoke, the guy-next-door best friend kind of partner. I love how he is true to himself and doesn’t worry about others’ opinion of him. Then there’s my attraction to the tragic back-story guys.  I really fell for Kou Tanaka of Ao Haru Ride, even though girls started hating him. But I could really empathize with his grief and I just wanted to love him! He only needed time to pull himself together and he eventually does that. I think that’s why I like Ren Tsuruga of Skip Beat! as well. He punishes himself, and you just want him to forgive himself and make him feel loved!

Lauras Boyfriends

R To L, T to B – Kirito, Kazehaya, Kou, Ren (Kuon)

Adrienne: I understand liking characters with tragic back-stories. Although, I usually extend the sympathy to villains :D. Do you take into account physical attraction?

Laura: Mmm, yeah. I tend to have a thing for guys that are dark haired. That really narrows it down for Japanese guys, eh? haha.  What about you?

Adrienne: I like megane, especially bespectacled bastard boyfriends. They are usually dark-haired, too.

Laura: Does that mean you like Rei Ryugazaki from Free! or Kyoya Ootori from Ouran High School Host Club?


Rei Ryugazaki – Free! and Free! Eternal Summer

Adrienne: Yes, actually! Although Rei isn’t a jerk, just quirky. He reminds me of Midorima. He would be fun to be around as well. I’m sure I’d laugh a lot. I like Kyoya’s facial expressions and his deadpan looks, but he’s not a top favorite of mine looks-wise. However, he meets the bespectacled bastard boyfriend requirements, I think. Ideally, my anime boyfriend will look like Midorima or Nakajima from Gakuen Heaven.

Laura: What’s the funniest crush you’ve ever had on an anime guy, whom you’d want to be your boyfriend?

Adrienne: I’m embarrassed to say this, but I had crushes on a couple of the evil or jerk guys from Yu-Gi-Oh! — Dark Yugi, specifically. I’d like to leave that locked up in the deepest vaults of my memories though.

Laura: Lol. I know what you mean. I have the weirdest crush on Sousake Sagara from Full Metal Panic! I think it’s because I have this military fetish thing, but I really love the heroic type as well.  Sousake has no social skills but he makes sense in his own way. He always makes me laugh as well, and I like that in a guy. Add in the dark hair and scar and I was hooked. 🙂 He was one of my first anime boyfriend crushes.

sousake sagara

Sousake Sagara with a rare grin – Full Metal Panic

Laura: So if you have to pick just one guy, who would it be?

Adrienne: I’m not quite sure I can narrow it down. I’d probably want a reverse harem of bespectacled jerks! But if I have to choose, it would be Midorima. He’s got the glasses, the tsundere personality and the looks. I think he’d be fun to hang around and we’d get along because we’re both weirdos.

Midorima (Kuroko no Basuke) looking serious.

Midorima (Kuroko no Basuke) looking serious.

Laura: Hmm. Does that mean I get a reverse harem of military guy-next-door dark-haired heroes? That would be cool. 🙂 If I had to choose just one I think I’d have to go with my first crush, and pick Sousake Sagara. Even though he’s an odd bird, he’d keep me laughing and would be able to come to my rescue any day!

What about you? Who is your ideal anime boyfriend?




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  • Love this post!!!!!! While I can see why Kirito from SAO is a pretty good guy, I was honestly annoyed with how OP he was. He was literally a Gary Stue and it bugged me, but I did appreciate how he treated the women in the world of Sao.

    I tend to like the studious, megane types or the tsundere, but lately I find I’m branching out more-which is great since I’m actually starting to care less about looks in real life and more about their personality and if we are compatible! XD

    So: Armin Arlert-he’s intelligent and makes up for his lack in physical strength. He treats the women as equals and the dude is pretty cute. (Kind of have a thing for blondes and asian men lol) Plus he loves to read!!! XD

    Sabaku no Gaara-dude had such a terrible past and had to work through it. His character arc sold me through the earlier volumes. I was initially creeped out by the dude and really dreaded when our main characters were faced with him, but he grew into a likeable person and proves that you can conquer your demons.

    Kou-same. He had a lot of stuff to deal with and I hate how ppl hate on him because he has such a heavy past. It’s going to shape you and affect you, but Kou has been learning to deal with it and change.

    Mizuki-from Kamisama Kiss. Dude is lonely, trusts Nanami implicitly, but also isn’t afraid to tell her when she’s messing up badly. I like their dynamics and if Tomoe weren’t the love interest, I would root for these two.

    Dojo-from Library Wars. *Swoons* Saw the live action movie, adored the relationship between him and Iku and bought every manga volume available…He’s short, handsome and respects Iku, takes his job seriously and learns to appreciate Iku as a woman.

    Izark-from From Far Away. Long black hair, respectful, taciturn, adores and respects Noriko, does what is right, etc. I literally could go on and on.

    Kazehaya-yeah…pretty sure all of us have liked a guy like him before. A true “nice guy” that wouldn’t hate on the girl if she turned him down and spout that “nice guys finish last.” I want someone like him who’s respectful and considers the girl/woman he loves an equal and friend.

    Chrom and Lon’qu from the Fire Emblem Awakening Video game-I really love these two. A dorky, charming prince and a taciturn, swordsman who’s afraid of women.

  • OOO I agree with Laura on Ren and Kazehaya! So sweet :3 Some anime favourites – notice they’re all strong guys – Gray from Fairy Tail, Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji, Shizuo from Durarara, just about all the Shinsengumi in Hakuouki and the earliest fav Goku from DBZ! Like Adrienne I like Kyoya, but my Ouran’s got to be Mori 😀

    • Aw yeah! Gray from Fairy Tail – love that guy! He would be a great boyfriend as well and I could look at his naked torso all I wanted. 😀

      • Ha ha with you saying that I think we need to add Portages D. Ace from One Piece XD

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