Anime Strike Exclusive Anime Series – Summer 2017

This started with Spring 2017 for me, seeing as one of the few shoujo anime that come out was licensed by Amazon Strike in the spring – Anonymous Noise.  However in spring, that was the only show I was really wanting to watch that ended up on Anime Strike. So I gave up on watching it simulcasted.

This season, however, is a totally different story. Everything I was looking forward  to watching this summer is on Anime Strike. I’ve been a long time Crunchyroll subscriber. They have been great about acquiring shoujo licenses for anime in the past. This season is quite heartbreaking to me, though.

Here’s the list of anime exclusives for Anime Strike on Amazon Prime (from ANN):

  • Katsugeki! Tōken Ranbu: July 1
  • Love & Lies: July 3
  • DIVE!!: July 5
  • Altair: A Record of Battles: July 7
  • Vatican Miracle Examiner: July 7
  • Made in Abyss: July 7
  • Welcome to the Ballroom: July 8
  • Hitorijime My Hero: July 8
  • Princess Principal: July 9
  • Lights of the Clione: July 12
  • Hell Girl 4: July 14

Dive!! and Welcome to the Ballroom are at the top of my list for anime this year. I was really looking forward to watching them. Love and Lies and Hitorijime My Hero were also on my list.   The only summer series that made it to Crunchyroll that I have any interest in watching are Clean Freak Aoyama-kun and Kombini Kareshi. Maybe Ikemen Sengoku will be announced on Crunchyroll, but it hasn’t yet.

I went on amazon to try to find all the series I wanted to watch, and they haven’t even made a icon for later series I want to see.  If the show hasn’t started yet, then good luck finding it. Their user experience issues leave a lot to be desired especially when you are used to something better.

My dilemma is the same as many others.  Amazon’s pricing structure is a double paywall to get to the content. First, there must be a prime subscription. Then in addition to paying the $99 annual fee, there is a $5 a month subscription fee. That is actually more expensive than my annual CR subscription.

There’s also a new bait amazon is offering, and that is one free manga a month from comixology. You have to subscribe to the channel and the monthly newsletter, but then they give you a code to redeem on a manga, from those they select I’m sure.  Here’s the fine print if you’re interested.

Now I’m being stubborn on the whole principle of the thing, but I don’t want this pricing structure to succeed. I really want it to fail. So I’ve been refusing to give Amazon money for that reason. But I’m also frustrated, because everything I want to watch is on that service.

What do you guys think?  Is it too stubborn to not pay up for the anime?


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  • I guess I’m stubborn because I don’t support amazon’s pricing model and I will continue to subscribe to Crunchyroll. I will wait for home releases for these animes. I also started to buy English digital manga from bookwalker. Thanks to Adrienne’s article about it a while ago.

    • Yes It is Stubborn So Suck it Up and Go through the double Paywall $8 is not much for Video only plus the $5

  • For the manga, they give you s specific code for a specific volume each month. We’ve had parasyte and welcome to the ballroom volume 1s iirc

    • Good to know. Thanks for sharing that!

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