First Impressions: Olympos – Aki

Olympos by Aki ran in Comic Zero-Sum magazine in 2007. It has been published in North America by Yen Press.

Synopsis from Publisher: From on high, the gods make sport of the mortals who toil below them. None know the cruelty of these beings better than Ganymede, a beautiful prince who was torn away from his family by the gods’ divine hands. Granted immortality, Ganymede now whiles away his days in an inescapable miniature garden for the amusement of the gods, particularly Apollo. But the gods themselves are no strangers to the boredom of eternal life and as Ganymede quickly discovers, they will do anything to keep themselves entertained, both at his expense and at one another’s…

Apollo and Poseidon

Impressions: While I rather enjoy Greek mythology, I found Olympos to be a rather tedious read. I found little enjoyment in watching the gods Hades, Zeus, Poseidon, and Apollo emotionally toil with Ganymede. I felt sorry for Ganymede, becoming the plaything of the gods, when his life looked very fulfilling at the beginning of the story. My expectation that some event would occur allowing things to change for Ganymede only led to disappointment by the end of the story. The character designs of the Greek gods stand out as Aki’s finest achievement of this manga. The art in the series was very well done. There are several colored pieces included in the volume that showcase Aki’s talented use of color schemes.

Heart of Manga Rating: ♥♥

While I thought the premise of the story was interesting enough to delve into, I found the plot rather boring. Nice artwork was my consolation prize.

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