Memorable Manga Moment: Chobits vol. 1

This month’s MMF is all about CLAMP! While I haven’t read all of their series in English, I am familiar with quite a few. As I sat down to pick a memorable moment from one of their works, a lot of emotional moments came to mind and many were spoilers. Then I remembered the first time I sat to read something by CLAMP.

Chobits was my first introduction to the group. I hadn’t gotten very far into the manga, a few pages into chapter 1, and already things were getting naughty. That’s when I was hooked to read the rest of the series. 

Hideki finds Chii, a persocom or personal android assistant, in a trash pile and lugs her home. When he gets home he is trying to figure out how to turn her on. Being a seinen series, it shouldn’t have surprised me that CLAMP was so creative with the switch, but it still was unexpected.

The next page has a more graphic image, so I’ll leave it out and let you go looking for it. It’s one heck of an introduction. I knew after watching Hideki freak about touching an android like that, that he was going to be one interesting protagonist. Chii doesn’t disappoint either. It is a hard moment to ever forget!

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  • Sometimes, the switch of a device always comes out at the most unexpected places :p

    • So true. 😀

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