Romantic Comedy Shoujo Manga Guide – 2017

I’m looking for new series to read all the time. If you are a voracious reader, like I am, you can read an entire 20+ series in a week. I see all the time where readers are begging for recommendations on tumblr. So I thought it would be helpful to have a list of series that are licensed in English for fans to reference.

This list includes available titles from all publishers in North America. It DOES NOT include non-licensed titles only published in Japan. Each title will have a link to the series on the publisher’s site. I will also include any titles at the end of the list that fit the category and have previously been published in NA, but may be out of print at this point. Also included are digital-only titles.

Alright, onto the list. Here are the titles that fall in the Romantic Comedy genre of manga available in English in North America:

Title Author Publisher Format Review
Absolute Boyfriend Yuu Watase Viz Print & Digital
After Hours Yuhta Nishio Viz Print & Digital
Ai Ore Mayu Shinjo Viz Print & Digital
Aoba-kun’s Confessions Ema Tomyama Kodansha Digital
Beast Master Kyosuke Motomi Viz Print & Digital
Beauty Pop Kiyoko Arai Viz Print & Digital
Behind the Scenes!! Bisco Hatori Viz Print & Digital
Boys Over Flowers Yoko Kamio Viz Print & Digital
Butterflies, Flowers Yuki Yoshihara Viz Print & Digital
Cactus’s Secret Nana Haruta Viz Print & Digital
Cheeky Angel Hiroyuki Nishimori Viz Digital
Chocolat Ji-Shang Shin Yen Press Print & Digital
Dengeki Daisy Kyousuke Motomi Viz Print & Digital
Demon Love Spell Mayu Shinjo Viz Print & Digital
Dreamin’ Sun Ichigo Takano Seven Seas Print & Digital
Fall In Love Like A Comic Chitose Yagami Viz Print & Digital
First Love Monster Akira Hiyoshimaru Yen Press Print
The Full Time Wife Escapist Tsunami Umino Kodansha Digital
Gaba Kawa Rie Takada Viz Print & Digital
Gakuen Prince Jun Yuzuki Kodansha Digital
The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross Arina Tanemura Viz Print & Digital
Happy Marriage?! Maki Enjoji Viz Print & Digital
Hana-Kimi Hisaya Nakajo Viz Print & Digital
The High School Life of a Fudanshi Michinoku Atami Seven Seas Print
Horimiya Hero & Daisuke Hagiwara Yen Press Print & Digital
Hotaru’s Way Satoru Hiura Kodansha Digital
Imadoki Yuu Watase Viz Print & Digital
Kaze Hikaru Taeko Watanabe Viz Print & Digital
Kigurumi Guardians Lily Hoshino Kodansha Print
Kiss Him, Not Me Junko Kodansha Print & Digital
Komomo Confiserie Maki Minami Viz Print & Digital
Library Wars: Love & War Hiro Arikawa, Kiiro Yumi Viz Print & Digital
Love at Fourteen Fuka Mizutani Yen Press Print & Digital
Lovely * Complex Aya Nakahara Viz Print & Digital
Love’s Reach Rin Mikimoto Kodansha Digital
The Magic Touch Izumi Tsubaki Viz Print & Digital
Maid-Sama Hiro Fujiwara Viz Print & Digital
Maison Ikkoku Rumiko Takahashi Viz Print
Manga Dogs Ema Toyama Kodansha Print & Digital
MeruPuri Matsuri Hino Viz Print & Digital
Missions of Love Ema Toyama Kodansha Print & Digital
Mixed Vegetables Ayumi Komura Viz Print & Digital
Monkey High Shouko Akira Viz Print
Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Izumi Tsubaki Yen Press Print & Digital
My Girlfriend’s A Geek Pentabu & Rize Shinba Yen Press Print & Digital
My Little Monster Robico Kodansha Print & Digital
My Love Story!! Kasune Kawahara & Ayuko Viz Print & Digital
Nodame Cantabile Tomoko Ninomiya Kodansha Digital
Oresama Teacher Izumi Tsubaki Viz Print & Digital
Otome Mania! Yurino Tsukigase Seven Seas Print
Otomen Aya Kanno Viz Print & Digital
Our Precious Conversations Robico Kodansha Digital
Ouran High School Host Club Bisco Hatori Viz Print & Digital
Peach Heaven Mari Yoshino Kodansha Digital
Pig Bride KookHwa Huh, SuJin Kim Yen Press Print & Digital
Princess Jellyfish Akiko Higashimura Kodansha Digital
Punch Rie Takada Viz Print & Digital
Real Girl Mao Nanami Kodansha Digital
Red Riding Hood and the Big Sad Wolf Hachoujou Arata Seven Seas Print
S.A. Maki Minami Viz Print & Digital
Sailor Moon Naoko Takeuchi Kodansha Print
The Secret Sakura Shares Akira Hagio Yen Press Print
Seiho Boys High School Kaneyoshi Izumi Viz Print & Digital
Skip Beat! Yoshiki Nakamura Viz Print & Digital
A Springtime with Ninjas Narumi Hasegaki Kodansha Digital
So Cute It Hurts!! Go Ikeyamada Viz Print & Digital
St. Dragon Girl Natsumi Matsumoto Viz Print & Digital
That Wolf Boy is Mine! Yoko Nogiri Kodansha Print & Digital
Tokyo Boys & Girls Miki Aihara Viz Print & Digital
Tokyo Tarareba Girls Akiko Higashimura Kodansha Digital
Toradora! Zekkyou & Yuyuko Takemiya Seven Seas Print
Tsuredure Children Toshiya Wakabayashi Kodansha Digital
Ultra Maniac Wataru Yoshizumi Viz Print & Digital
Very, Very Sweet Shin Ji-Shang & Geo Yen Press Print
Voice Over! Seiyu Academy Maki Minami Viz Print & Digital
W Juliet Emura Viz Print & Digital
The Wallflower Tomoko Hayakawa Kodansha Print

Out of Print Titles

Title Author Publisher Format Review
Cherry Juice Haruka Fukushima Tokyopop Print
CY-Believers Shioko Mizumi Go!Comi Print
Earth March Mikase Hayase CMX Print
Gals! Mihona Fujii CMX Print
Happy Mania Moyocco Ano Tokyopop Print
I’m No Angel! (Tenshi Ja Nai!!) Takako Shigematsu Go!Comi Print
Itazura na Kiss Kaoru Tada Digital Manga Publishing Print
Me and My Brothers Hari Tokeno Tokyopop Print
My Darling! Miss Bancho Mayu Fujikata CMX Print
My Heavenly Hockey Club! Ai Morinaga DelRey Print
Never Give Up Hiromu Mutou Tokyopop Print
Nosatsu Junkie Ryoko Fukuyama Tokyopop Print
Pearl Pink Meca Tanaka Tokyopop Print
Portrait of M and N Tachibana Higuchi Tokyopop Print
Venus Capriccio Mai Nishikata CMX Print
Wild Act Rie Takada Tokyopop Print

Out of Print titles can still be found on resale sites like amazon and ebay, so if it interests you, go look for it. Also, if you have a favorite romantic comedy series that is shoujo and is not listed – please help us out in the comments so we can include it.





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