Memorable Manga Moments: Kitchen Princess vol. 1

In honor of this week’s MMF I’d like to start out with a memorable moment from one of my favorite food mangas – Kitchen Princess!

This scene from volume one unifies the three main protagonists in one short sitting. Najika, our princess of the kitchen, makes a rainbow gelatin for the two brothers, Daichi and Sora. The two have not been getting along lately, and Najika wants to resolve their disagreements.

Daichi has recently has a cold, and Sora does not like to eat a lot and takes vitamin supplements. Najika picks the gelatin because it will be good for Daichi who’s recovering, and it contains vitamins for Sora. The boys are surprised they like the dessert and that they both agree on the taste.

This moment stands out in my mind because of the meaning behind the dessert. Daichi in Japanese means ” large earth” and Sora means “sky”. Najika picks rainbow colors for the gelatin because as mentioned, a rainbow connects the earth and the sky. Just like the dessert connects the two brothers. Such a cute scene!

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