Postponed Reviews and Anime Additions

My local library looks to have updated their manga collection, so this summer I’m taking advantage of that and reading series that I’ve not had the budget to buy, or have previously read and gotten rid of my personal stash. That being said, I’ve had to fidget with my review schedule a little depending on what has been available.

Mixed Vegetables is a series I really want to complete, but I’m currently waiting on the last four volumes. I checked out the first volume of Gakuen Alice and want to read the rest of that series, but I have a while to wait since I’m requesting it through ILL (inter-library loan). So those reviews will be postponed. I also decided to hold off on Rasetsu until I have a little more distance from it and can reread it as a whole.

I was able to get my hands on the full set of Hot Gimmick, which I read about three years ago and want to reread for a review. Looking back through my own library recently, I also decided to do a review of Imadoki, Nowadays. So those will be next, and if I get Mixed Vegetables sooner than later, I’ll add that one in as well. A few others I have in mind for reviews include V.B. Rose, Papillion, and Butterflies, Flowers.

I recently finished Jyu-Oh-Sei and was disappointed with the ending. I won’t do a review on that series as it is more of a sci-fi than romance, and I have mixed feelings on it. Not clear enough for a review anyway. I didn’t even make the connection that it was by the same author as Demon Sacred until I was putting things on Shelfari yesterday. Oh, well.

I’m also trying to fill in my missing volumes of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle so that I can do a full reread of that series. I initially read the volumes from the library but I am slowly gathering the 28 volumes for my personal collection. I think I still need volumes 7-8, 10-12, 18, and 25-28. That may take a little while, but it’s on the back burner and will eventually come to fruition.

As for anime, I re-watched Summer Wars this past week and am working on that review as I type. I was also able to pick up the OVA of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle – Tokyo Revelations & Spring Thunder Chronicle during Funimation’s recent sale. That one is a possibility, but not final yet. I borrowed the subbed Maid-Sama! as well, and I’m considering a review. I started adding anime into the mix because I get so many hits from the Eden of the East review that I did. I mostly watch shojo anime, and some of the more popular shonen series. Some feedback would be good though. As readers, would you want to see anime reviews?

That’s what’s up with me for now. I’m working on keeping up a more consistent schedule and I hope everyone is enjoying the results. Stay tuned for more to come!

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Super mom and teacher until the kids go to bed, then romance manga addict and writer until the caffeine wears out! Specializes in the shoujo and josei genre of manga and anime.
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