Yikes! No Posts For Almost a Month?

Yes, sadly the blog has been neglected due to unforeseen illnesses. I emphasize the plural because no one in my household has been well since before Christmas. We’ve all been waylaid by dreaded colds and allergies thanks to the indoor environments and cold weather.  I’ve been busy trying to nurse everyone back to health up until last week when it was my turn to be the patient. Between working and taking care of the family, it’s no wonder my immune system finally gave in.  Needless to say, I haven’t had much time to sit down and type in front of a computer, nor have I felt like it.
I haven’t stopped reading however, and have recently checked out some older shoujo series from a few years past.

I just finished the most recent volume of La Corda d’Oro last night. I also started reading St. Dragon Girl for fun last week. I have the first seven volumes of Bakuman on my nightstand waiting, as well as the most recent volumes of Library Wars and Saiunkoku.

Although I’ve had Dawn of Arcana on the review list for a month now, and I’ve read the first volume twice, I think I’ll wait until I read volume 2 before I write up that review. I plan on writing up one on La Corda d’Oro too, since I’ve blasted through that series so quickly. I’ve also soldiered through the first 2 volumes of Codename: Sailor V, so I can comment on that as well.

As much as I love my manga and anime, I just haven’t been able to find spare time to collect my thoughts lately. Hopefully when the weather improves, so will my family and I’ll have some free time to write again. Until then, posts may be sparse, but they’ll be coming as fast as I can type them!

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Super mom and teacher until the kids go to bed, then romance manga addict and writer until the caffeine wears out! Specializes in the shoujo and josei genre of manga and anime.
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  • Here’s one reader obviously hoping you and your family get better^^

    • Thank you, Justin. 🙂

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