New on Shoujo Shelves: April 2013

Spring is in the air! In the mood for some spring flings between your favorite shoujo characters? There’s a variety of titles coming out this month to satisfy your romantic urges. Here’s what’s come out on shoujo shelves for the month of April:

Novel to comic version of New Moon comes out this month, and all of the ShojoBeat titles hit shelves today! Dark Horse has released the next Bride of the Water God, and Yen is continuing on with josei series Bunny Drop.



Publisher Synopsis


Alice in the Country of Hearts: My Fanatic Rabbit vol. 2

In a dangerous country where every resident brandishes a weapon, Alice has been invited to stay at Hatter Mansion, home of Mafia boss Blood Dupre and his right-hand man, Elliot March. The more time Alice spends at the mansion, the more attached Elliot becomes to Alice. But will his affections prove dangerous for Alice’s other Wonderland friends… or for Alice herself?!

Kodansha_logo arisa_10

Arisa, vol. 10

Tsubasa’s beloved twin sister Arisa is awake – but wants her eliminated by the King! Reeling from Arisa’s betrayal, Tsubasa falls right into a trap set by “King” Midori. The clocks tick as Tsubasa awaits her demise. Will this be her final King Time?

Dark_Horse_logo BrideWaterGod_cover13

Bride of the Water God, vol. 13

Mura – the goddess who’s been trying to separate Habaek and his human bride Soah – forces Habaek into a showdown on Cheong-Yo Mountain, where she’s most powerful. As a civil war erupts in the realms of the gods, the Emperor puts his own devious plan in motion to hurt Habaek and those he loves.


Bunny Drop, vol. 8

Reconnecting with her biological mother and her new family has put Rin at peace with her unfortunate beginnings. Now, becoming a big sister is cause for happiness for the level-headed young woman. But despite this closure, all is not roses for Rin. The world around her seems obsessed with romance – Kouki still vies for Rin’s affection, Reina jumps between relationships, a classmate shows his interest in Rin herself. Yet Rin finds herself trapped between her heart and her head when she realizes that her feelings for Daikichi might be more than those of a daughter for a father. When Kouki pieces together the truth, is Rin and Daikichi’s quiet, content existence headed for heartache?


Dawn of the Arcana, vol. 9

Princess Nakaba of Senan and Prince Caesar of Belquat married each other for the sake of peace between their two warring countries. Political forces threaten to tear their world apart, but the two are inexplicably drawn to each other. But what happens when Nakaba finds out about Loki’s feelings for her?

Torn between wanting to reciprocate the love of her dear friend and the love she now feels for her husband, Caesar, Nakaba’s decision between the two men may drastically change the fate of the future!


 A Devil and Her Love Song,  vol. 8

The start of her second year in high school brings someone unexpected into Maria’s life: Shintaro Kurosu, a brash first-year student who does as he pleases. He takes a strong liking to Maria and sticks to her, making Maria and her crush Shin Meguro extremely uncomfortable. Like it or not, Kurosu’s presence is about to change Maria in a surprising way…


 Hana-Kimi Ominbus, vol. 10-12

Mizuki has started modeling for the famous photographer Akiha Hara, but is he on to the fact that she’s a girl? Later, Mizuki travels home to America only to find Sano and Nakatsu are there too! Sano seems to be getting along with her dad, but can Mizuki get through this visit without her family revealing her secret?!


Jiu Jiu, vol. 4

Takamichi’s Jiu Jiu Obedience Training Goals
1. Play nice with your new temporary masters. But retain your loyalty.
2. Resist plots to eliminate your services… permanently.
3. At night, the Sickle Weasels come.

sb_logo  KNT_cover16

Kimi ni Todoke, vol. 16

While their friends’ romantic relationships deepen, Sawako feels Kazehaya pulling away. Will a big Christmas party bring the troubled couple back together, or will Kazehaya continue to hide his pain from the person who most wants to help him?

sb_logo LibraryWars9

Library Wars: Love and War, vol. 9

There’s a groper in the library and Library Force members Iku and Shibazaki are sent in as bait! Iku’s undercover outfit makes her vulnerable… will she be able to defend herself if the pervert targets her? Later, Library Force members are required to take a test that involves reading stories to a group of rambunctious schoolkids. Coming from a big, unruly family, Iku definitely has the upper hand!

Kodansha_logo MoL_cover3

Missions of Love, vol. 3

Yupina’s cell phone novel gains a major boost in popularity with the introduction of the typical love story trope, the love triangle. What does this mean for Yukina’s real life? Her cousin Akira has confessed his undying love for her, and both she and Shigure become unsure of their true feelings.


New Moon The Graphic Novel, vol. 1

Bella and Edward find themselves facing new obstacles, including a devastating separation, the mysterious appearance of dangerous wolves roaming the forest in Forks, a terrifying threat of revenge from a female vampire and a deliciously sinister encounter with Italy’s reigning royal family of vampires: the Volturi.


The Story of Saiunkoku, vol. 9


Which series are you going to be picking up?

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