New on Shoujo Shelves – October 2014

Fall is officially here and the leaves are turning brilliant colors and drifting to the ground. It can be tons of fun as a kid, but know what’s better than diving into an itchy pile of leaves? How about diving into an overflowing pile of shoujo manga?!! Here’s what’s come out on shoujo shelves for the month of October 2014:

Two new series debut this month – Miku Mitsuki’s Honey Blood from Viz, and Ema Toyama’s Manga Dogs from Kodansha. Both are in my reading pile right now. We are also saying sayonara to Matsuri Hino’s Vampire Knight series, which I remember first reading in Shojo Beat magazine. I happened to get the Limited Edition version with Art book, so I’ll be covering that volume sometime soon.  Also, the final volume of Atsuko Asano’s No. 6 prints this month, so get your fill of Rat and Shion before its all gone. Lots of great continuing volumes out as well that have been long awaited for. Man, my manga budget is GONE for this month!



Publisher Synopsis

sevenseas_logo AliceDiamond_cover1

Alice in the Country of Diamonds: Bet on My Heart, vol.1

Alice suddenly shifts territories from the Country of Clover to the all-new Country of Diamonds, and everything has changed. None of the familiar faces in the Country of Diamonds seem to remember Alice; in fact, they claim to have never met her before!

Join Alice as she makes new friends and enemies, and becomes embroiled in new romances, all while exploring the exciting new regions in the Country of Diamond: Castle Diamond, the Graveyard, the Train Station, and Hatter Mansion.

Story by QuinRose and Art by Aoi Kurihara

Available October 21

sevenseas_logo ACJ_circus6_cover

Alice in the Country of Joker: Circus and Liar’s Game, vol.6

Alice may have chosen her suitor, but the specter of Joker looms over April Season, while her sister Lorina is still locked away. As Alice learns more of the truth behind the jail and the executioner, the other Role-Holders of Wonderland are making moves of their own – and their actions, as always, are steeped in blood. What will it take for Alice to finally face Joker… and herself?

Story by QuinRose and Art by Mamenosuke Fujimaru

Available October 28

Kodansha_logo  AoT_NoRegrets_cover2

Attack on Titan: No Regrets, vol. 2

Erwin’s political enemies have hired Levi and his crew to take back some incriminating documents. Their reward: the right to live a proud life above ground, in the royal capital. But deep in Titan territory, it’s going to be tough to break formation and steal from a squad leader, and Levi still insists on killing the man who humiliated him after the mission is complete. Of course, beyond the walls anything can happen, and a sudden change in Levi’s fortunes will force him to face the greatest regret in his life…

Story by Gun Snark and Art by Hikaru Suruga

Available October 28

    sb_logo BB_boxset

    Black Bird (Boxed Set), vol. 1-18

    There is a world of myth and magic that intersects ours, and only a special few can see it. Misao Harada is one such person, and she wants nothing to do with magical realms. She just wants to have a normal high school life and maybe get a boyfriend. But she is the bride of demon prophecy, and her blood grants incredible powers, her flesh immortality. Now the demon realm is fighting over the right to her hand… or her life!

    This box set includes all 18 volumes of Black Bird and an exclusive premium artbook!

    Story and art by Kanoko Sakurakouji

    Available October 21

    Dark_Horse_logo BrideWaterGod_cover16

    Bride of the Water God, vol. 16  

    Life as a mortal is horrifying and hazardous for the former water god Habaek! His fragile human form has been cursed by a jealous goddess, and his vengeful mother – unaware of his sincere love for Soah – seeks to kill his human bride! While his mother wishes to pull Habaek back into the realm of the gods, another goddess simply wants to see Habaek and Soah suffer on Earth. And other envious humans and gods bring further problems to our star-crossed lovers!

    Story and art by Mi-Kyung Yun

    Available October 15

    yennpress_logo Brides_Story_cover6

    A Brides Story,  vol. 6

    In the year since his marriage, Karluk has grown a good deal, but Amir can’t help but feel overprotective of her much younger husband. Karluk wants nothing more than to prove that he can be a strong and competent man – and he may soon have the opportunity to prove just that.

    Desperate for land to feed their flocks, Amir’s former tribe prepares to attack the village with a fearsome arsenal of cannons and guns provided by their new allies. This time the Halgals are not interested in capturing Amir – no one is safe from their terrible assault!

    Story and art by Kaoru Mori

    Available October 28

    sb_logo hapimari_cover8

    Happy Marriage?!, vol. 8

    Hokuto resigns from Mamiya Commerce and takes on a failing company, risking everything to become heir in one year. Chiwa and Hokuto are closer than ever, so why is he saying they can’t be a true married couple?

    Story and art by Maki Enjoji

    Available October 7

    sb_logo HoneyBlood_cover1

    Honey Blood, vol. 1  **New Series**

    When a girl at Hinata Sorazono’s school is attacked by what seems to be a bloodsucking vampire, everyone is on edge and wonders who’s next. Hinata refuses to believe that vampires even exist, but then she meets her new neighbor, Junya Tokinaga, the author of an incredibly popular vampire romance novel.

    Dressed in a kimono with an old-world air about him, Junya has a taste of Hinata’s blood and tells her it’s sweet… Hinata can’t help but be drawn to Junya, but could it be that he’s actually a vampire – and worse yet, the culprit behind the attacks?!

    Story and art by Miku Mitsuki

    Available October 7

    yennpress_logo InuBokuSS_cover5

    Inu X Boku Secret Service, vol. 5

    In search of independence and solitude, the sharp-tongued Ririchiyo Shirakiin moves to the Maison de Ayakashi, an apartment building with its own Secret Service. Ririchiyo is eager to be alone, but upon her arrival, she is greeted by Soushi, an SS agent who seems… familiar somehow. Familiar and yet… not quite the same.

    Troubled by recurring dreams of a different Soushi – a man who loved her… and suffered for her – Ririchiyo chooses to accept her new circumstances and embrace the Soushi who now stands at her side…

    Story and art by Cocoa Fujiwara

    Available October 28

    sb_logo KK_cover16

    Kamisama Kiss, vol. 16

    Back in feudal Japan, Akura-oh is getting frustrated with his best friend and rampage companion Tomoe. He correctly guesses that Tomoe is lovesick, and decides the best way to deal with it is to kill the object of his affection – Yukiji! And to make matters worse, when Nanami wears historical clothes, she looks an awful lot like Yukiji! Can she manage to preserve the past, save Tomoe, protect Yukiji and keep from getting killed?!

    Story and art by Julietta Suzuki

    Available October 7

    Kodansha_logo GDGD_cover1

    Manga Dogs, vol. 1  **New Series**

    Kanna Tezuka is a serious 15-year-old manga artist, already being published as a pro. So when she finds out her high school is starting a manga drawing course, even she gets excited. But it’s a fiasco! The teacher is useless, and the only other students – three pretty-boy artist wannabes – quickly adopt Kanna as their (unwilling) sensei. But they all have ridiculous delusions about being an artist, and if Kanna can’t bring them back down to Earth, she’ll never get any work done!

    Story and art by Ema Toyama

    Available October 7

    Kodansha_logo MoL_cover9

    Missions of Love,  vol. 9

    After coming to the realization that Kirishima-sensei was her first love, Yukina goes to face him on her own to finally know the love that she’s been seeking all this time. Meanwhile, Shigure hears a rumor that reveals Kirishima-sensei’s dark past and rushes off to tell Yukina, but before he can catch up with her, Yukina is whisked away by Kirishima-sensei in his car. Can Shigure reach them in time before Kirishima-sensei repeats an action from his sordid past?

    Story and art by Ema Toyama

    Available October 7

    sb_logo MyLoveStory_cover2

    My Love Story!!, vol. 2

    New at love, Takeo and Yamato excitedly begin their romantic relationship… but between friends who badmouth Takeo and a judo tournament that will separate the two for a month, are they going to survive as a couple beyond the honeymoon stage?

    Story by Kazune Kawahara and Art by Aruko

    Available October 7

    sb_logo NBOF_cover17

    Natsume’s Book of Friends, vol. 17

    Can yokai and humans ever really be friends? Natsume meets a yokai who is trying to let go of his feelings for a human for both their sakes. But Natsume isn’t sure that kind of sacrifice is necessary. Can he help, or will his meddling only make their parting harder to bear?

    Story and art by Yuki Midorikawa

    Available October 7

    Kodansha_logo No6_cover9

    No. 6, vol. 9  **Final Volume**

    With Rat critically injured protecting him, Shion finally returns to NO. 6. But what he finds there is not the tranquil utopia he left behind, but a city in the grip of panic and chaos. As the “holy city” collapses in on itself, Shion and Rat put will the future of humanity – and their future together – on the line in the shocking final volume of NO. 6!

    Story and art by Atsuko Asano

    Available October 21

    sb_logo OT_cover17

    Oresama Teacher, vol. 17

    Someone has been blackmailing members of the Public Morals Club into resigning! Mafuyu and Hayasaka have figured out what got Akki and Okegawa to quit, but Yui rejoined the student council and they haven’t seen him for days. Worried about their friend, they break into his room to find him. But Yui’s defection wasn’t coerced – and he’s more determined than ever to protect Miyabi’s interests! Will this be the end to more that just their friendship?!

    Story and art by Izumi Tsubaki

    Available October 7

    Kodansha_logo SILY_cover4

    Say, “I Love You”,  vol. 4

    Surviving the first major battle in her relationship with Yamato Kurosawa, Mei feels her ties with her first-ever boyfriend are deeper than ever. But then a budding model with her eyes on Yamato moves into town, and draws the photogenic Yamato into the world of photo shoots and fashion. Now Mei has to grapple with the painful pangs of jealousy, and a creeping fear that she might be left alone yet again…

    Story and art by Kanae Hazuki

    Available October 14

    sb_logo VK_cover19

    Vampire Knight, vol. 19   **Final Volume**

    Yuki has stolen Zero’s memories of her to free him. She plans to give up her own life to turn Kaname into a human, but Kaname has vowed to sacrifice himself to give the Hunter Society his powers. With eternity at stake, Yuki and Kaname each vie to change the other’s destiny.

    Story and art by Matsuri Hino

    Available October 7

    Special Limited Edition with Art Book available!

    sb_logo VOSA_cover7

    Voice Over! Seiyu Academy, vol. 7

    Hime’s summer vacation is packed with work, and she’s getting a lot of really great experience. But her successes are overshadowed by a new and looming fear: facing Senri Kudo! Ever since her reaction to his prerecorded voice, the thought of seeing him has sent Hime into a panic. Will her anxiety ruin the beginning of a beautiful friendship… and her career?!

    Story and art by Maki Minami

    Available October 7

    Which series are you going to be picking up?

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    • Just got Kamisama Kiss 16!! 😀

      • Yay! I got my stack too. First thing I opened was VK 19. Next will be Kamisama Kiss, Voice Over, and Happy Marriage. I’ll be doing a review on Honey Blood soon as well.

        • Awesome! Haha I wish I had enough money to buy more manga! And females deserve more shoujo-guys aren’t the only ones who love manga!!! What do you think of Meteor Prince, Requiem for the Rose King and the Angel of Elhamburg coming out this year and 2015??

          Also, I have to say that I REALLY love your blog:) Keep up the amazing work!!

          • Looking forward to seeing all the new titles. Meteor Prince is short but I really love Mecca Tanaka. Requiem for the Rose King looks really good – seeing what I’ve seen on Asuka’s website. Angel of Elhamburg is by Aki – and the last Aki book I read was Olympos which really didn’t float my boat – didn’t like the writing, but the art was gorgeous. I’m most excited about So Cute It Hurts!! in June 2015 because I really want to read Go Ikeyamada. Now if only we’d get Ao Haru Ride, I’d be in heaven!

            Aww, thanks for the encouragement! I do what I do because I LOVE it!

            • I hadn’t heard of So Cute It Hurts until now so THANK YOU! I will definitely add that. OMG Ao haru Ride was an amazing feel-worthy anime. If Strobe Edge was licensed, surely Ao could be? I really hope so!!

              I haven’t read anything by Aki, only saw her art and the mixed feelings towards Olympos, so I figured to give her a try. And I also really am looking forward to Rose King. Not so sure about Meteor Prince. Sure, it’s only 2 volumes, but I don’t see how everything could be wrapped up that quickly.

              And haha well I just wanted to tell you that I really do appreciate another female like me who reads manga:) It’s so rare to find others willing to talk about it, regardless of if they do like it or not.

              • Well, here are some other new series to watch for:

                “Kiss of the Rose Princess” – We’ve been begging for this series for years in North America and we’re getting volume 1 next month in November. “He’s My Only Vampire” by Aya Shouota comes out from Yen Press in December – her work is gorgeous and we’re getting her most recent series “Demon Prince of the Momichi House” from Viz in July (I think). “First Love Monster” which is a cute reverse harem is coming next year from Yen Press as well, and we’ll be getting “L-DK” from Kodansha next year too. “L-Dk” is a shoujo high school romance where the popular boy and average girl (who wants nothing to do with the boy) are neighbors but end up living together because one of their apartments is destroyed. It’s pretty good.

                There. That should fill up your list! 🙂

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