Viz Licenses Komomo Confiserie and Maid-Sama! for 2015

Viz’s Shojo Beat announced today on twitter that they are going to publish a rescue of Hiro Fujiwara’s Maid-Sama! series starting in November 2015. The 16 volume series was originally published by Tokyopop but was left unfinished at 8 volumes. Viz will publish the series as 2-in-1 volumes, for a total of eight volumes. It will also be available digitally.  

This is one series I’m so glad to see get a reprint. It definitely deserved one. If you’re interested, I did a review of Maid-Sama three years ago.

Maid-Sama Rescue


Also being published next September will be Maki Minami’s newest series Komomo Confiserie.  Shojo Beat editor Nancy Thistlethwaite summarizes the series as follows: As a little girl, Komomo Ninomiya delighted in picking on Natsu Azumi, the son of her family’s pastry chef. Ten years later, when the family fortune is lost and she has no place to live, Komomo encounters Natsu again in her hour of need. Now that Natsu is a master pastry chef in his own right, he’ll help Komomo—but only if she works for him at his new confiserie!

This is a series I’m really looking forward to!! I have enjoyed Maki Minami’s other works, and the premise of this series sounds so entertaining. I can’t wait to start seeing this on shelves!

Komomo Confiserie

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  • OMG Viz I LOVE YOU!!!!! These are going on to my immediate buy list. Just wish that Maid-Sama were sold individually…unless Viz reprints them like how they did with Monster The Perfect Edition!

    • Well, Maid-sama is 2 in 1, so if you have the first 8 volumes already then I’m sure you can wait until they print the combined 9/10 volumes edition to start buying. My only thing is, Tokyopop did a poor job on the editing with a lot of mistakes. I know the editors at Viz will do a much better job of the series as a whole. Just sayin’. 🙂

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